1:1 care – A blessing for patients and nurses

1:1 support – A boon for patients and caregivers

Crisis in care: plans of the policy are a drop in the ocean

The nursing shortage in Germany not only applies to the Old, and in need of care, but also Care for themselves. This is nothing New, and the planned 8,000 of the Grand coalition on the piece of paper, will not change that. Because Germany needs, according to the estimates of (, by 2025, approximately 940.000 nurses. When Viewing the Figures, it is clear how much air there is up. In the reverse conclusion is then clear: We currently have an imbalance, which will inevitably place on the back of the nurse and the patient.

This is not healthy: 9.5 million hours of Overtime in 2016

So the Federal government is laying open, that only the old nurse 2016 more than nine and a half million hours of Overtime they have done – a third of them unpaid. This is not only unhappy, but full of Scare to look deeper. Because the bottom line is, the nurses, and nurses can no longer practice their profession responsibly. They strive to provide free-of-charge Overtime to the poor Conscientious of their patient in the case of an absolute lack of personnel situation is bearable.

There is no way out of the Situation…. nowhere?

Apart from the psychological stress of these circumstances, it is the care of the physically ill. It’s because the two can’t be separated. Herniated discs hunt Burn-out disorders, and Vice versa. And it’s no wonder: most of The employees in the nursing or care of the elderly have inspired their profession on ethical grounds of values such as Dignity, respect, attention, and decency. The Professional life offers you every day New a hard awakening: 60 percent of all nursing homes fall in the audits of the statutory funds is negative. Residents are sore because they have not been stored regularly in a professional manner; old people are dehydrated, because no one is good enough for you drinks. The results are available on the Internet ( ), and the number of medical malpractice rises to the dpa ( ) . If it is estimated is supplied to a fifth of all residents, in spite of chronic illness by a physician, means the permanently in pain, and at worst premature death ( The Suffering hits all of us.

The work of the scientific Report of the DAK comes to the conclusion that nurses, especially in care for the elderly are a high risk group for mental disorders. No wonder with the Stress, physical strain and working hours. And in spite of discouragement and hopelessness, and in addition to exhaustion, salary, and lack of public recognition.

The Alternative: 1:1 care in HUMANIS

Between 2012 and 2017, the nursing service HUMANIS candidates interviewed/Interior systematically according to their Motivation, why they are in the 1:1 care want to go. The result is not surprising really, because a third of the applicants came from the inpatient area and wanted to have more time for the care of the patient. Is: a balm for the soul, and the lives of their values.

In particular, the psycho-social care would be after the statements of the applicants in the nursing home. In addition, the work is creating stress (12,5 care of persons in need of a Caring per layer).

A candidate reported to the managing Director Adriano Pierobon of HUMANIS that she had been in the night guard for 2 floors responsible. The actual trigger for you to leave your former Job, it was an experience of the night.A patient was Dying. The dedicated nurse was not able to take the time to accompany the old lady adequate and worthy of human beings. The patient died almost lonely, because it had to provide care for other patients and the daily work will be made as Bearings, etc. As the Nurse of your nursing management announced the next Morning, your guilty Conscience, said: “do not Worry, this patient can’t complain.” The behind-the-so-casually, therefore, what I have said, the spell brought back the camel’s back….

What can I expect if I work at Morgan Stanley?

A big Welcome and

  • In the first line of the time: for the patient and for me as well.
  • I can make things as they should be: without a bad Conscience the patients, my family or myself.
  • I can see in the mirror, and me with my values identified: Dignity, respect, and respect for life and Die.
  • I provide a patient, or a patient.
  • We know and trust ourselves, because that is the Basis of the work in HUMANIS.
  • Unkollegiale behavior is not an Option for HUMANIS – therefore it does not exist.
  • A competitive salary and appreciation.
  • A resilience-sensitive corporate governance. It’s good for me, to benefit my patients and the entire organization.
  • Adequate heats in the service planning… .etc (you can complement).
  • Service apartment (if applicable)
  • Fantastic Working Environment


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by Adriano Pierobon, Gerontologist (FH), MBAIn General