14-day aware of drinking water [1]

As “promised” today to start my small and (un)beudeutende “14 days aware of drinking” action. Within 3 hours I’ve been drinking (with relish and soothing) something more than 750ml. As usual, it falls to me today is not difficult, because I am “a lot” to drink in the usual way. However, we should clarify the following important question:

How much must or should drink in a day ?

Adolescents and adults should drink at least 1.5 liters a day, better 2 liters and more. The liquid is about 1ml/kcal food intake and may increase during heavy physical work and sporting activities to a total of 5 liters. Best lightweight mineral water (with only a little carbonic acid) are suitable.

Liquid is for all human life. It solves the food containing the nutrients and transports it to the organs of the target.

For the “little drinker” under the blog readers of the care of the blogger blogs I’ve created a simple Drink, you can tick off for each 10 days to its current drinking quantities. Overall, you can cover a day, 7 water glasses, each with a capacity of 250ml. It has ticked all the 7 glasses, drink a nice average amount of 1750ml (mineral water). [Download: Drinking Plan]

Important note: You should not only to thirst, to wait, because thirst is a warning signal that the body fluid is missing!