14 days of water drinking [9 +10]

It again in the last days a lot to do and I have no time, “Lust” was later in the evening, turn on the Computer, there is now a small report for the 9. + 10. Water trinktag:

The drinking of pure water in the last time, a great incentive for this was, among other things, the 8 litre bottle of Volvic with A brilliant idea. how do I find. After each glass a nice success for the day, set a drinking goal (for this you have to buy however no extra Volvic water, the cheaper bottled water, does it also)!

However, I would like to share with you my latest achievement:

14 Tage bewusst Wasser trinken [9 +10]

I: 8 litre Volvic OR: “Volvic To-Go” ?

With the 10. Day drinking “we” already 17500 ml of water.

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