5 minutes to save a life, it is easy !

5 minutes pour sauver une vie, c’est facile !

Today I was sent a video. The Dr. François Dupuis, a Physician at Geneva and Medical Director of the School of Health in French-speaking Switzerland has made a nice video through his school. It shows you in just a few minutes how you can save a life as easy as possible.

Fun and playful, this video makes us understand that a rapid response and the implementation of a cardiac massage early increases the chances of survival of the victim.

How to react to discomfort ?

  1. If you witness a discomfort, stimulate the victim. Talk to him, ask him simple questions.
  2. If it does not respond, check to see if it is breathing (listen to the sound of his breathing, look to see if his chest/belly lifts, etc.).
  3. If the person is not breathing, immediately have the 15 or 112.
  4. Start a cardiac massage (both hands in the middle of his chest and press hard without you stop.

To learn more about the resuscitation ?

Visit the website of the Swiss school of the author, by clicking here :