7 Activities for Your Winter Vacation  

It can be quite challenging to find fun things to do during the winter break. The short days and cold weather can result in unhealthy habits such as spending a lot of time on the internet, overeating, or sleeping too much.

Doing some activities together not only brings the whole family together but also provides some unique exploration activities.  Here are some fun activities you can enjoy during winter vacations

1.   Pair a book with an activity

There is no doubt that reading is a good habit. However, sometimes you need to tempt little ones into reading with something exciting. What better way to get them to read a book than by pairing it with a fun winter activity?

If you are going to build a snowman, why not get your child to read The Biggest Snowman Ever or Snowman at Night? You can also read Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates to your kids to pique their interest.

2. Have an indoor campout

Summer is over, but who says you cannot enjoy a fun activity like camping? Build a fort or set up a tent in your playroom. Or turn your living into a camping ground by rolling out the sleeping bags for the evening. Grab some books and a flashlight for a fun read-in. You can also turn off the lights and tell spooky stories.

Another way to make your evenings fun is by making s’mores for a snack and playing fun games like Simon Says and hide-and-seek.

3. Snow Angels

Making snow angels is a particular favorite of young ones. Make sure that your children wear waterproof clothes or a ski suit to protect them from getting too wet and cold. The whole family can join in the fun to create an army of angels! You can also use leaves and sticks to add faces to your handiwork.

4. Go out and explore nature

Another exhilarating activity is to bundle up and head out to explore the flora and fauna that you can find at this time of the year. What type of birds and animals can you find in your neighborhood? Take a notebook and record the animals and their activities that you see every day to find out if there is a pattern to their behavior.

5. Help others

It is a good idea to spend some time helping others during the winter vacations. Ask your kids to help you clean out their toy closet and donate to the local orphanage or shovel a neighbor’s driveway. There are many people in need, and instilling the habit in their mind of helping others from an early age helps to build your child’s character.

6. Sledding

Snowfall means many fun activities, and sledding is the first thing to try out at the first sign of a decent snowfall. Make sure to stock up on your sleds beforehand as they quickly go out of stock once the snow is forecasted.

7. Ice skating

You can visit the indoor ice rink in your area and spend some time ice skating with your kids. Large shopping centers often have ice rinks. You can do your Christmas shopping and entertain the kids with some ice skating at the same time. Make sure that your kids wear gloves. Slipping on the ice is all part of the fun, but you need to protect your kid’s fingers from other people’s blades.


Make sure to try new things to keep your kids entertained. Take turns in picking activities every week to include all the family members. This will ensure the physical and emotional health of your family throughout the winter and will teach your kids healthy habits that will help them throughout their lives.