Ambient Assisted Living – a survey and brief overview

I stumbled this week twice about the concept of “Ambient Assisted Living”. For one, I’ve read here a News, and then yesterday I got a Mail from Tabea, who has asked for help in a survey on their master’s thesis. Since she has caught me at just the right time and, therefore, I publish now the following is the Link to the survey. Certainly, Tabea will be happy if you join them. This does not take longer than two minutes. In the framework of their master’s thesis, “requirements and requirements of the maintenance of Ambient Assisted Living technologies for people with dementia” focuses on the question of in which areas of dementia care and a support need that can be covered through the use of technical AIDS.

If you ask yourself now, what is “Ambient Assisted Living” actually is, then you are not supposed to be puzzles, because there is below a short Overview of the topic:

What is Assisted Living (AAL) is the Ambient?

Ambient Assisted Living – Umfrage und KurzüberblickThe topic: estimates knows that every third German in the year 2050 older than 65 years. And here is EEL. Because the aging society is in need of support in many areas and it is very questionable whether there will be a sufficient number of nurses to support the “army of the Old”. There must, therefore, created a remedy, and it must be given additional help. This device target communities, senior citizens make life easier and the everyday support. Ambient Assisted Living can be translated with “ambient assisted living”, it will fall than, for example, Service robots and older people customized opportunities for communication and tele-medical safety-warning systems, and Sensor instruments for the measurement of vital functions including. All of these “instruments” are designed to make life in the own four walls easier and above all safer.

Currently EEL stuck shoes systems. Although there are more and more new buildings, Devices, facilitating also the elderly life, but the real breakthrough Ambient Assisted Living has not yet managed. Certainly, this is also the typical chicken-and-Egg Problem, because it is not interesting, appropriate services such as a delivery service, etc. do not offer if the demand due to the lack of dissemination of the technology is still there. And Vice versa is of course not very interesting, prevented up of thousands of euros to invest in the appropriate equipment, if I can use it then. And then there is for manufacturers and service providers is also still the Problem that there are no uniform Standards. The produced Chaos in the case of the cross-manufacturer communication the AAL equipment.

Ultimately, the environment will move into supported living but is very likely in a few decades in our households. The technology is evolving rapidly and there is no other way to stop the explosion of Costs in health care. With methods for automatic Monitoring of life functions or for the support of everyday life, you will need fewer nurses more nurses and that will relieve both the state as well as workers and pensioners. Hopefully, at least. I am excited for what is to come.

Where can I find more info on the subject?

The Wikipedia entry is a good source and also in the case of AAL in Germany (supported by the German Federal Ministry of education and research) there is more content.