arrived Cared for in the clinic in Hamburg-Altona

After almost 15 years at a hospital in Bremen, I decided to take the “Bremer key”, to leave my usual environment, to open in Hamburg, “the gateway to the world”, a new door and a new career start. As I discovered the vacancy for the Position of care coordinator at Asklepios Klinik Altona, before it came to me almost as if this place had been created for me. The job profile described, in principle, exactly what take care of my work in Bremen, but at the same time new challenges for my personal development.

New Job, new people, new challenge

Nevertheless, I made myself so my thoughts about the change of Employer. Also, if the hospital landscape is similar to the total of very and known system problems before any Kliniktür Shut, there are the subtle differences that determine in the end whether you want to work in a clinic or not.

A big challenge for me was and is how I’m going to be “the New” and in my function – as the more “working the bed”, but to provide care in a coordinated manner. After the first three months in a new Position, I can say that I feel me really very positive. Even though my restart, fell, of all places, in the time of the severe Flu epidemic, with its impact on all levels were the colleagues that I have had the opportunity to meet new people, always open and friendly to me. That made me Start with the many innovations, of course, very much easier.

With the care for the care

After I’m safely arrived here in Altona, I wish, that I work together with colleagues that care. Because the care is received, but rather to a point where it needs to go, so it remains as it is. We can actively help to ensure that we play a strong and self-confident role in patient care. This is often as a nuisance perceived documentation, for example, is a Chance. Care is not only a cost factor, but profitable. This is an important difference in a System that is under great economic pressure. But also on the substance, we must not stop here. For the future, securing good care for patients in the hospital, it is not only personal topics but also specific topics and processes to address. As I did the Asklepios clinic in Altona, so far, to get to know, is here maintained professionally to a very high level. We can be proud of.

I’m sure, therefore, that we share with the many of the new requirements, and meet the challenges. I will help in my role as a care coordinator, as well as I can.

Photo: Sandra Beckmann