article on the shortage of skilled workers – The reactions of

Artikel zum Fachkräftemangel – Die ReaktionenMan, has since triggered my last article on the topic of “shortage of skilled workers in care” Yes, some of the reactions in the comments here on my Blog and also in Facebook. Since you can’t do that, of course, more and therefore, I wanted to summarize the responses again. Also, I’m going to watch this topic more in the future, and certainly more often.

As I said, there was both here and on my page in Facebook (“Fan” ? ) some of the reactions that actually, in three categories: Sarkatisch/ Ironic, social critical, and as an experience report.

Regina writes, for example,

“Well, what to say about wage dumping, increase in the daily workload, and is sold as an Innovation. Furthermore, our government is always indirectly saying that Everyone can maintain. A profession that can be determined as a single of the Occupation that the word “Maintain” only from the word.”

As you can see a great deal of frustration. If the frustration is too great, has Willi the sarcastic solution:

“In a few years, there is not a care of the elderly, but only the choice of “bullet or knitting”. When knitting, the state assumes the cost of the funeral.“

This could be a solution. I was wondering, however briefly, who’s responsible for the funeral costs in the case of the ball? ?

In the case of Facebook, the comment from Katie got directly 3x “thumbs-up”, “3 Likes”. She writes

“Paid care workers such as Bank clerks and in appreciation of this kind there will be no shortage.”

Honestly, I’m in this comment is something between approval and money-in-but-not-the-solution-to-be – torn. Okay, the bankers (not meant certainly the normal Bank employees, but rather the investment reps) are shown at the Moment as “The Evil”, the unlawfully make a lot of money. I don’t want to discuss. And nurses for the important work they do, are underpaid, is also out of the question. But a higher remuneration directly also to improve the quality of care? You want Caring, the do the Job only for the money? Just like investment bankers to gamble only because of their bonuses with risky funds? Tend not to, or?

Perhaps the formulation of Henning’s something better? He writes directly to the comment by Katie:

“It’s true, and if you treat the staff finally right as well.”

I think this is a good addition, because a proper handling with care staff and an appreciation of the work starts with the supervisor, and extends from there in the society.

How care services are trying to be very practical, to meet the shortage of skilled workers has, however, described by the provider in the Blog:

“As a home care service in a small town (Chub) in the rural area in Saxony, we can only confirm that here, too, specialist shortage. We expect that the tense situation is made worse in the future. Counter-measures in our company, are not self-forming, substantially better pay than the competition (what has changed, of course, the lack of a market) and early recruitment of professionals before the patient needs ever since.“

The way is certainly a good one, but of course also more expensive. As the Problem of the professionals is to solve in the absence of for now, so it can be fully discussed. I’m having a Ball and hope to be able to a couple of Interviews on the topic of get hold of.

Until then, many regards and happy Creating. Even if it is not to be an investment banker salaries. ?

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