Becoming a nursing liberal : the 4 key steps

According to a study published in April 2015 by the Directorate of research, studies, evaluation and statistics (Drees), there would be in France, a total of 109 925 nurses working in liberal. 17% of the nursing profession. However, to become an independent nurse is very different, compared to the exercising in the hospital environment. So here is an overview of the steps.

What work experience does he have ?

To be able to acquire the status of an independent nurse, it is necessary to have carried out medical studies, or allied health, and be the holder of the French diploma of State nurse (or equivalent). In addition, to install as a nurse liberal, he must have made 24 months of exercises in a hospital setting, 3,200 hours of effective work. If it is for replacements, it is necessary to have an experience of 18 months of a fiscal year, or 2 400 hours of actual work.

It is compulsory to have acquired this professional experience, in the course of the six years prior to the request for installation or replacement. In addition, it is necessary to acquire experience in institutions with adequate such as hospitals, clinic, or care center. Because some activities may not be taken into account. For example, if you have experience in a medical analysis laboratory, a nursery, or in a medico-social establishment. It is necessary to inquire in advance.

Complete the administrative procedures required

Then, it is necessary to complete all the administrative procedures to be able to practise legally. For purposes of illustration, it is mandatory to be registered with the Council of the College of Nursing. This to get your business card, as well as a caduceus. It will also need to have a business address and a local standards. In addition, you will have to contact the Regional Agency of Health of your business location to save you. It will also need to choose to be contracted or not, to the National Convention of Nurses.

Not to mention the fact of declaring your business an independent nurse, in the center of formality of enterprises, or CFE. This last one is located to the URSSAF (Union for the Recovery of Social Security contributions and Family Allowances) of your area of activity. In this way, you will be assigned a SIRET number, and you will have social security coverage, as well as a tax system. In addition, in the framework of the free practice, you have to subscribe to a contract of professional liability. Also, take your time to inform yourself and perform all the necessary steps.

Have relationships and create a network

To face the competition in the liberal and find a job, it is more than recommended to do his best to make himself known. In this sense, it is essential to build the relationship. Without any advertising, because it is forbidden for nurses the liberals. It is rather advisable to solicit from hospitals, clinics, physicians, or pharmacies. On the one hand to introduce herself and on the other hand, to convince them to refer their patients to your practice. If they need home care.

Arm themselves with the proper tools

If you want to work alone, independently, it is necessary to manage your business and be attentive. Even, if you have a great freedom within your organization. For this, you is essential to invest in tools and equipment. Such a software transmission, and a drive card. A software management nurse may also prove very handy, to save time and be more organized for some of the approaches. As healthcare claims, invoices, accounting…

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