But I’m a Star (reality tv) !

Mais moi je suis une Star (de la télé-réalité) !

Sometimes it is taken to meet the stars of the showbiz. Here, we will speak of those who are doing the reality tv, the reality is quite different.

I would have been able to go farther away with the word ” star “, after all what is a star ? Finally, who is it ? I happened to come across this old speakrine, the first of its kind, or this once-great actress of the 50’s and yet forgotten. Wasn’t stars in their genre ? Or if one redefines the word, I would have crossed also the person who saved children in an earthquake, the one that took part in the discovery of the last vaccine discovered, or the last survivor of the great war. And yet they not speak about them… Good for some, we could talk of heroes made. It deviates here ? Recentrons us on the word star or People want. These people who them don’t speak of them.

The facts ? I had two of the stars of the reality tv to the emergency room since the beginning of the year. Necessarily, I would not say that and in what programme you would have been able to see it. For the first, I bumped two times. She had made a reality tv on the biggest French channel there are well over 10 years now. Since then, the calvary ? The first time I met him after his attempt drug and alcohol supported. We had not recognized at the time, even if we had looked at the issue of the time. This is the doctor out of his room, which told us : “it was not an easy life, the descent into hell of its stars of the television… “. We all looked at it and first thought : Google ! Actually, at the time it was known, at the time only. Since it was forgotten, buried. She did certainly not delivered. She was cute on the pictures of the time, now it has taken a hell of a shot. We could do an anti-alcohol campaign by taking a picture of before and now, the difference is obvious. It was nice… Respectful, funny, stubborn sometimes but she was like everyone else and not playing the star. It is seen again a few weeks ago after a state of intoxication acute. I recognized, also I sermonnée, she laughed and apologized. She then told me that yes she had made a mistake but it was the birthday of my companion you see. You see, like everything in the world. Star or not, they all have the same excuse for their drift alcoholic.

The second is a star’s most recent reality tv. She has done several on different channels and has a swelling abnormal lips, breasts and his ego. Person had recognized him except a person to the emergency room, this has rapidly made the tour. As visitors to the Zoo, we went to see quietly… It does not recognize more than that. “Who is it ?” was certainly the question that came up the most often. “A star of the reality tv show “, which then gave us a reason to start again go back to our occupations. The reason for which it comes, I don’t want to say specifically. But this is the kind of reason that makes us say ” This is why she comes to the emergency room ? We will not do anything more… “. It is part of these people. In any case, a side I now know the main side effect of rhinoplasties. I say that, I say nothing. Where as against this, has laughed this is when the doctor went to do the consultation in the box and out, and told us that he had a girlfriend… In fact have not recognized, it is then offended. We still laughed a lot. She emerged quickly, without doing anything more. It was quickly forgotten by the following… This still remains ephemeral it all after all…