care date to The (new) care Congress

If You on 30. and 31. March 2011 still nothing projects should also still care topics are interested in, then you pranks these days are red in the calendar, because: care date Of Care conference starts for the first time, in Bochum.

Care date This new Congress for specialists and managers from across the care sector will take place in the Ruhr Congress in Bochum. The organizer is with the schlütersche Hannover, a renowned provider of specialist information for the care. The visitors an interesting program on the topics of dementia, palliative care, care management and prevention, so the typical topics of the daily care of everyday life. In over 50 lectures and Workshops, expert speakers will give insights into the practice of science and research in the areas of Care.

On the second day of the Congress, care date provides the participants / visitors the opportunity to share with each other. Of course, all speakers will be included in this circle. Under the Motto of care date exclusively, it allows visitors to call your questions and / or problems with your registration, which can then be used in a personal conversation with the talking heads discussed. An accompanying exhibition presents various products and services from the care sector.

Maybe you ?

Contact person for this Event, the schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & co. KG.

Event Management: Nicole Taschewski – Tel.: 0511 – 8550-2461

Website: eMail: [email protected] Twitter: care date

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