career development possible for a nurse

Today, the nurse is no longer just the doctor, she has a role of its own, and it can choose to evolve. There are different ways to accomplish his vocational change to employment as a nurse more specialized or higher-ranking officer.


Many specializations are possible from a position of nurse. It may be the profession itself, depending on the choice of occupation :

  • To become a nursery nurse, it is necessary to pass the State diploma in nursery nurse. The input in the accredited school is competitive and the training lasts 1 year.
  • To become a theatre nurse or nurse anesthetist, have two years of experience are required. It is then enough to obtain the diploma, the nurse-operating room graduate of State (IBODE), or the State diploma of nurse anesthetist (IADE). These courses, accessible on the contest, take place over 18 months. The qualification IBODE is also accessible by VAE (validation of acquired experience).

The specialization may also depend on the place of work. The hospital sector is one of the most popular, it includes many posts from nurses in the maternity ward, center for persons with disabilities, retirement homes, geriatrics, surgery, or rehabilitation centre.

The range of business is spread more if you are in search of a job in the middle non-hospital settings or the private sector. There are nurses in convalescent home, sanatorium, psychiatric, school health, or occupational medicine. It is also possible to join the army or perform humanitarian missions for associations.

It is then necessary to inquire with the organization of associations that one wishes to join. Some put up a admission on a competitive basis, others require the constitution of a nomination file. They also emit sometimes job offers nurse passing by providers (job boards, agencies, acting…) specialized in the medical field.

Another solution is to install liberal, to provide care in an office or home. However, it is imperative to have exercised at least 3 years in a hospital before opening a cabinet. It is to become self-employed or set up a business, it is therefore a risky investment.

The change in grade

Regardless of the field of employment of the nurse, access to a higher grade is possible. The function then assumes new activities : team management, leadership development, or even teaching in a training institute in nursing care.

The rank directly higher than the position of nurse is that of health framework. It requires 5 years of experience and the passage of a competition. The entry in the training institute for health managers is also based on competition, and the training lasts 1 year.

The rank of director of nursing is then accessible on the contest after 5 years of experience in health setting. This training takes place under the same conditions as the previous one, over 1 year, with contest entry.