How to Stand Out If You Have a Low GPA

Nightmare scenario: you’re looking at your transcripts and your GPA is not where you want it to be. Internship-hunting season is coming up. What do you do? Pray to the Many-Faced God? Hitchhike your way to the Argentinian countryside, become a goat herder, and never talk to your parents again? Switch places with genetically altered guy so you […]

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How to Persuade People to Support Your Ideas (Ep. 113)

Last winter I found myself staring up at a gigantic, abandoned brick building with three friends. The place was nestled in an industrial district, quite a few blocks from the “cool” part of the city. The windows were boarded up. Overall, it had seen better days. Two of them – Ryan and Michael – were running […]

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Life at the 900-Year-Old University (Ep. 108)

Today’s episode is a conversation with one of my YouTube friends: Simon Clark! You might remember Simon from Episode 77, which was a reply of a livestream where we  (along with our friend Jamie) answered questions about becoming an adult. I wanted to talk with Simon again on the podcast for a couple of reasons. […]

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Should You Listen to Music While Studying?

Can music help you study more effectively, or is it just a distraction? Well, as the journalist H.L. Mencken once said: “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” I’ve been curious about this question for quite a long time, and I’ve always secretly hoped the answer came down […]

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You Need to Do a Reset (Ep. 87)

I absolutely love using shaky, barely-justifiable metaphors in my writing. I also love pilfering terms from one field and slapping them onto another. It’s fun, and the parallels don’t have to work perfectly as long as the general idea gets across. One such term I constantly subject to this literary abuse is entropy. In thermodynamics, entropy is […]

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How to Deal with Rejection (Ep. 83)

Today we’re going to talk about coping with rejection, learning from it, and using it to improve in the future. As you go through life, you’ll face rejection of all kinds: people you find attractive will turn you down, job interviews won’t pan out, and scholarship committees won’t select your application. In this episode, I’ll […]

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