How To Win Scholarships (Ep. 34)

Want to graduate college debt-free? Listen to this. Shanice Miller is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore Dental School, and she didn’t just graduate debt free… she ended up with $10,000 extra from numerous scholarships she was able to win. Like me, Shanice couldn’t rely on her parents for financial support in college. […]

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1,086 Miles For A 5-Minute Meeting (Ep. 20)

Bud Hennekes is one of the best friends I’ve never actually met in person. He’s also super-passionate and talented dude who has a knack for making connections with amazing people and going all-out to achieve ambitious goals. Having lived in Shanghai, New York City, Missouri, and now Chile, Bud’s packed a ton of experience into his life – […]

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6 Ways You Can Use Evernote To Dominate Your Classes

During my first year in college, I discovered – among many other things – an amazing app called Evernote. It would only be slightly hyperbolic to say that Evernote is my second brain. Sure, it’s lacking in neurons and glia – but more than any other app or system, Evernote serves as an ultimate repository for information […]

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