Habits and Diminishing Returns (Ep. 64)

Coffee used to be amazing. The first time I discovered that I actually liked coffee – which happened after buying a Keurig machine for making chai lattes and mochas, and receiving a bunch of free coffee samples – something clicked in my brain.  Soon, coffee became an everyday habit. My head would pop up from […]

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Rationality and Precise Thinking (Ep. 57)

We’re pressured to have opinions on everything – but how do you know what your opinion actually represents? In this episode, we’ll scratch the surface of rational thinking with an analysis of heuristics and how they can cause us to gloss over the details that lie beneath the shiny, symbolic veneer of what we call […]

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How To Strengthen Your Mind (Ep. 31)

When you think of the word meditation, what come to mind? Hippies? Connecting with your spirit animal? Becoming a badass monk who knows kung-fu? Let’s throw all those associated topics out the window right now, because meditation is strictly limited to the realm of spiritual/zen practices. Rather, it’s a practice rooted in the idea of […]

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Study Advice From A Medical Student (Ep. 26)

What’s the path of a medical student like? How many billions of hours do they have to spend studying while the rest of us are at football games or, in my case, playing Mario Kart? Today I’m talking with my friend Ryan Nguyen to get those questions answered (though he has the same last name […]

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Which town is situated at the highest altitude?

Which town is situated at the highest altitude? The Capital of Bolivia sits 3,869 meters above sea level, and is more than 1,000 meters higher than the second ranked city – Quito. La Paz is also higher than Mt….Ranking of the highest cities in the world (in meters above sea level)* Characteristic Altitude in meters […]

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How do you find slope from standard form?

How do you find slope from standard form? The standard form of a linear equation is Ax + By = C. When we want to find the slope of the line represented by this equation, we have two options. We can put the equation in slope-intercept form and identify the slope that way, or we […]

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