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8 Things I Regret NOT Doing in College

In this episode, we delve into my dark past and do battle with my inner demons. Queue up the Evanescence. …nah. Today we be diving into my past, though. Specifically, we’ll look at eight different things I regret not doing – or not doing better – in college. While I think my college experience was great overall, there […]

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In-Depth Salary Negotiation Tactics (Ep. 52)

Want to increase your chances of landing an amazing job right out of college – and maybe even negotiate a higher salary? I met Jim Hopkinson when I went to Portland for the World Domination Summit last summer, and as we chatted at a meetup I found out that he’s an expert in the field […]

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5 Active Reading Strategies (And How I’m Applying Them)

Active reading is simply a means of reading a book with the deliberate intent to learn and apply something from it. In my last video on reading textbooks, I compared your textbooks to an art museum. These places are filled to the brim with sculptures, paintings, medieval weaponry, and silent guards who you’re just are judging you […]

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