checklist Home care – you should pay attention to

Often a nursing case occurs literally overnight. Not infrequently, the members are not prepared to care for the situation at all. Because the least deal to healthy periods with the topic of disease or even care.

The serious case occurs, however, you must act quickly, a lot of considered and decisions to be made. The home care must be coordinated and organized.

With our checklist, we would like to appeal to all that relates to the topic of care for a relative in the home environment.

How is your own Situation as a care-giver?

As a care-giver, you are required, under certain circumstances, even around the clock. In the longer term, this can be a Problem. You clarify for yourself:

  • You are physically and mentally able to take care of
  • Are you prepared to care for or you are in need of a nursing course
  • You must terminate your Job, or you can work part-time
  • You can in operation for a family care time release
  • Who is going to take care of, if you are prevented. Can be siblings, friends, parents, or volunteers you represent

How is the financial Situation?

Care is expensive. No matter whether in a nursing home or at home. Under certain circumstances, a salary is even. The cash is necessary, as well as take Advantage of all the promotions and compensation solutions.

  • Have been exhausted all financial support options and requested
  • The money ranges from the care insurance to cover all third-party services a nursing service, additional care benefits, or the salary for a nurse
  • Has applied for an exemption of co-payment for medicines
  • If you are not employed, you can apply for health insurance to a pension contribution payment
  • It was examined whether the exemption from the GEZ fees is possible

 Important to care

  • Has been applied for a care level?
  • If a level of Care was rejected, should be appealed
  • Possibly could be adjusted to support the care of domestic help from Eastern Europe.
  • You have a facility with day-care or short-term care on site, if you need a personal break, a holiday, or your own illness need to bridge times
  • Not all care Work can be carried out. You ask for information on care services in your area
  • Were AIDS such as a wheelchair, nursing bed, bath applied for lift, etc.
  • If aid were requested and refused, should be inserted a contradiction
  • Has been applied for a severely disabled person’s pass

Your apartment is accessible for disabled people?

The least of all apartments are handicapped accessible or wheelchair access.

  • Is designed for the home environment to maintain a Person?
  • Structural Changes, a bathroom, barrier-free rebuilt, the doors widened or a stair lift installed will have to be made
  • If rebuilt, it must be, must be sought in the grants for the nursing Fund prior to the start of construction
  • In rental properties for structural alterations by the landlord must be approved
  • Under certain circumstances, a move in a barrier-free apartment needs to be planned.

Powers of attorney

In the normal case, everyone should go to times where it to him good, with all the legal matters. In order to ensure that the disease they have or the members according to his own Wish to act.

  • Very important: Without the power of attorney/living will may not be in the name of the supervised Person traded. Most of the hospitals, Doctors, banks, etc. to give up without a power of attorney with any information. In order to avoid an inability to act, should be clarified with the carer or other members, in the extent to which a power of attorney is issued.

Contact person

  • Nursing stations, health insurance funds/care funds, municipal senior agencies, etc. may be the appropriate person to contact for further questions.

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