compensation for night work + on-call service

So far, in the collective agreement of the public service (TVöD) was not granted additional leave for the night work in the on-call service. The Federal labour court has now decided that a special compensation for night work must be created, the […] relates to any Form of night work.

Also emergency services are working. The refusal of the times in the calculation of the additional holiday are groundless deprivation of the workers in the night from 21:00 until 06:00 on-call services. The BAG has to be decided in four communicable cases, that a reasonable compensation claim for the paid-on-call hours.

Additional leave for night work according to §27 Abs. 3 TVöD and TVöD-B (hospitals and nursing / care facilities) Employees will receive a performance in the calendar year of at least

  • 150 Hours Of Night Work – 1 Working Day
  • 300 Hours Night Work – 2 Working Days
  • 450 Hrs. Night Work – 3 Working Days
  • 600 Hours Night-Work – 4 Working Days

Additional leave in a calendar year.

Compensation for night work and on-call services