Countries Where You Can Buy Residency and Citizenship

While many people dream of finding themselves in your shoes, you might be dissatisfied with what you have and want to change your place of residence. We live in the era of fast decisions and constant search. Many people feel like a fish out of water in their homeland, so they consider other countries to move to. Of course, such a step requires money and free time, but if you are serious about such a step, you will come up with a way out. For example, students can turn to the special service, typing the request, “I need an essay on the topic Why Teachers From All Over The World Go To Work In Africa” to clear up their schedules and find part-time jobs. Thus, they will have enough savings to make their dream come true after graduation. However, students are not the only category of people who reflect on a relocation. The global pandemic and other things had a great affection on humankind, so many have started questioning their place in the world and reflecting on moving somewhere else. Purchasing residency or citizenship looks like a great idea.

Difference between residency and citizenship

When it comes to moving to another country, you may start doubting what option to choose. The fundamental difference between these two concepts lies in the fact that citizenship allows you to be on equal par with all other citizens of the chosen country. In other words, you will get a passport and have a chance to vote, legally work, freely travel, and use all the benefits of people born there. In contrast, residency provides you with a chance to work, travel, and live in the country, while your civil rights are limited, so you cannot vote, etc.

Some countries have special programs that allow you to get a passport in exchange for investment in property or a fee. The latter is usually about $100,000. Besides, some other countries (more developed ones) provide wealthy people with golden visas that allow them to invest in properties and participate in state programs. It will cost more than $260,000, but it doesn’t guarantee them citizenship. In most cases, they can count only on resident status.

What countries can you consider for relocation?

While most people believe that they should necessarily marry a citizen of the chosen state or live there for enough time to become a full-fledged member of the society, it is not always the case. If you have enough money, you can simplify this process and not depend on anyone. Students who lack time to study all the options more carefully can get outside help to free up their schedules.

Antigua and Barbuda

If you can afford to spend about $450,000 on investment in the state or private property, you can become a citizen of this picturesque Caribbean country. It will take about four months to get a passport and access to about 130 countries worldwide which you can visit without a visa. Living there, you will cut the living costs by 25% compared to the USA and most European countries.


If you are interested in a golden visa program that can provide you with guaranteed citizenship, you should pay attention to Portugal. Your whole family can count on it if you invest in property about $400,000 and prove your income. You can also get a special visa that requires renewal every two years if you don’t need citizenship. Portugal can boast stunning views and landscapes, not to mention relatively cheap living expenses.


It is on the list of must-visit places for many people, and a big part of them doesn’t mind living there permanently. However, if you want to become a lucky owner of a golden visa, you will have to spend about $600,000. You will have to renew it every third year until you obtain permanent residency (in 5 years) and citizenship (in 10 years). Living expenses will depend on the chosen area, but in most cases, you can count on $2,000 per month.


You can follow the example of Tom Hanks and invest in Greek property. It will cost you about $300,000. If you stay there for seven years, you will get a chance to become a full-fledged citizen and be on equal par with locals. As soon as you invest, you will need to wait about forty days to get a resident permit. Thus, you will be able to enjoy stunning Greek landscapes, especially if you live somewhere on islands, delicious cuisine, and small living costs (less than $1,500 per month).


Many people dream of living in one of the most developed countries in the world, Singapore. However, it will cost you a fortune to get permanent residency. To be more precise, you will have to spend about one million dollars. If you live there for about eight years, you can count on citizenship. However, bear in mind that you will not be allowed to have dual citizenship, so you will have to decide whether it is worth the candle, especially considering high living costs.


If you want to move to Canada, you should meet four requirements. Thus, you should have experience in running a business under the belt. Your net worth should be more than $ 1,6 million. It will be necessary to pass medical and security check-ups. You should participate in special investment programs and spend more than $850,000. So, you should make sure Canadian citizenship is worth all the effort.