development projects – always only for young people?

Förderprojekte – immer nur für junge Leute?After my Interview with Maja a few weeks ago, both positive comments were that this project is not very useful, as well as some more critical sounds, why are there such projects already in the care of professionals. Claudia has written about this on my Facebook page “Why is it always only invests in projects which young people bring to the training and not in projects, which hold the care of persons in practice?” There’s surely also a number of initiatives, I thought to myself, and I’m on the search. And lo and behold, Yes, there are. However, we also have to say, they are not often done so “sexy” as the campaigns for young people.

Overview of the projects

The Competition “Innovative Workplace Care”

Förderprojekte – immer nur für junge Leute?“It’s a care once upon a time … a force that would give up their place for no offer in the world, and worked even after years and years of joy in the care sector.” With these words, a project of the Evangelische Hochschule Freiburg and the AGP invites social research, to participate in a competition to determine the success factors for fun in the care work. It is a competition, asking for the innovation that goes from a “Well-Yes—Job,” do a very good job in the care. The closing date for the competition is 21. September. So grab the keys!


Funding: Federal Ministry of health

The Initiative “New quality of work”

Förderprojekte – immer nur für junge Leute?The project “New quality of work” (INQA) assists companies who want to learn in networks together, from each other, and forms the platform for the first cooperation. The Whole objective of it is that companies from the areas of health and care for the elderly and disabled, close together, to learn together examples of good practice and to develop new concepts of a health-oriented company culture and to try out. So you should learn from each other and implement ideas.

Website: and

Funding: Federal Ministry of labour and social Affairs

Project demogAP

Förderprojekte – immer nur für junge Leute?A self-contained and almost completed project of the Technical University of Dresden demogAP. Here the aim is to improve the employability of care workers and to throw a stronger light on the health of the Care. Because of the strong mental and physical stress in the nursing profession lead all too often to disease-related outages and to live, not infrequently, an early exit from the profession. The you know sure also.

A result of the project practice-oriented guidance for nursing facilities, and professional Carers are, according to the Flyer of the final event”. They provide information on the demographic change and the associated changes, provide practical solutions and encourage the sustainable implementation of these operational measures.“ On 06.11.2012, there is a final event.


Funding: Federal Ministry of labour and social Affairs

Project demOS

Förderprojekte – immer nur für junge Leute?Also in the framework of the model program for combating work-related diseases, the project demOS. This is about those who care for people with dementia. A series of recent studies has recognized a clear connection between the job satisfaction of the employees and the quality of care of people with dementia in inpatient facilities. This is, in my opinion, nothing Surprising. When I’m at my day Job happy, I work, of course, also faster and better for my customers and my boss. Isn’t there always? The project takes this approach, brochures, guides and films for nursing facilities to admit the approaches of the present work is to satisfaction.


Funding: Federal Ministry of labour and social Affairs

Projects of the Ministry of health

In my Research, I stumbled upon a press release of the Federal Ministry of health to the Convention “nursing in 2011”. There, Annette Widmann-Mauz (MdB), Parliamentary state said Secretary to the Federal Minister for health, “a focus of the Federal Ministry of health in 2011 to increase the attractiveness of the nursing profession.” This is a stronger support of nurses in their professional life, the Development of interdisciplinary and inter – sectoral cooperation, as well as better networking of services. Projects that have already been initiated with the involvement of experts, the round table on the reconciliation of family and career in healthcare, and the legislature planned revision of the care training. I believe that the appointment of the Ombudsman Elisabeth Beikirch (see my Interview with her). In addition, you can be the Ambassador of the campaign “I care because…”.

Many projects – but are you coming?

This is an Overview of the projects that I’ve found. As written, the projects are all so colorful and “sexy” put up, such as “Social professions not everyone can do that” – but this is, I believe, in the case of initiatives for adults, also is not so necessary, is it? And therefore I invite to discussion:

  1. Do you know any projects I’ve missed?
  2. What do you think of the projects? Do you believe that the results, for example, work sheets and guides to increase job satisfaction, also arrive at you in operation?
  3. What would you support your choice?

I look forward to your answers!

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