door-to-door shops with seniors

First, a brief explanation: A “door-to-door business” is the legal name for contracts, which in certain situations will be closed, mainly in the case of a representative’s visit or on a coffee journey. (Source: Wikipedia)

Increasingly one hears in the media that seniors were drawn from the (alleged) representatives of any of the companies on the table, or even robbed. To prevent this, I don’t want to give to this place a couple of small, yet successful tips to help you in the victim role:

  • You live in a rented apartment and thus have (in most cases) through an intercom to the door, so you check with any ringing, there is someone in front of the door and what he or she wants from you.
  • Your front door has a “spy” (a spy hole in the door) so you can also look through these. You should not open before the door. Also a door lock with a CA. 10 – 15cm is recommended. long chain to attach to an attempted burglary in your apartment is to the children’s game of the burglar. The advantage of such a chain is that you get to open the door only a crack and no one so easily can get.
  • Should someone try forcibly to break into your house, call loudly for help and / or call as soon as possible, the police call 110.

It is even uncertain whether the Person is the Person on the bottom of the house or apartment door really, for this he pretends to be, so no one will be mad that you opened the door. In General, craftsmen and all other companies / service providers to announce in advance. They therefore insist on a written appointment by Post. A deadline notification by telephone is also fine, however, you should be sure that the number specified by you is all too well known. The reason for this is that The more well-known the number, the more likely the success rate for offender, being someone who he is not. Some have for such cases, an extra phone number with a rechargeable prepaid card.

Sales at the front door

Each door-to-door contract of sale may be revoked and may, within 14 days. In single up to 4 weeks. More detailed information I can’t make it here unfortunately, since I am in this area. I recommend you, therefore, never single-handedly door-to-door transactions. Call you prefer to have a family and / or to make an appointment from the representatives, that he can visit you again / may, unless you have someone related.

Caution: they Fall not on of things come in, such as: “But Fr. Xyz – The offer is only valid today” or “I’m from further away, I can promise you, when I was back in the vicinity will be,” or similar !!