Eat me my lips !

Young 19 years old girl coming for a bite on the lip by her boyfriend.

Of course the reason for ready to smile but go a little further in the story. After verification, actually a piece of the lip missing, and the bleeding had been thinking that it would be time to present to the emergency room. In the interview she explains that her boyfriend has started to kiss him on his lip when suddenly, for an unexplained reason (either the excitement or be a hungry waking up) he has started to bite the lip.

The girl is surprised and distraught then wanted to push back his beautiful Apollo who continued him to bite. As a result, the tip remained between her teeth… Well, more fear than harm, it was a small wound rather than anything else and the girl will keep more a bad memory than a physical trace.

Not because it will not be, fortunately. What I had not said that I do not speak of the lips of the mouth, but this one being lowest ?