First foreign nurses in Germany

Erste ausländische Pflegekräfte in DeutschlandSome time ago, it was reported here that Chinese nurses will be considered as a solution for the health-care crisis into consideration. This year, 150 Chinese nurses will start work in Germany. Thus a high quality of care can be secured, and started the Curanum AG and of the employers ‘ Association, an Initiative that aims to ensure, to integrate foreign nurses in the domestic market.

Currently, five Chinese care assistants to work in the Curanum AG in Frankfurt am Main. Elke Bachmann Görl, personnel Director, grants all prejudices. The nursing assistants have not graduated only eight months continuing German course, but also a one-year nursing internship. Also, all participants have completed a four-year degree. While the number of persons in need of care is growing, increasing the number of care aides very low. With this pilot project, the remedy is to be done. Today, 30,000 trained professionals in the nursing field would be missing. Thomas Greiner, President of the employers ‘ Association pay care, to the importance of the pilot project.

Extensive testing and training to guarantee the high standard of care

The Chinese employees are completing before they are drawn for an activity to be considered an audit. This is passed, you can pursue an activity as a nursing assistant. The goal is to train in about six months, the Chinese staff of professionals. Employers assume that the supply gap could not be closed, but why more nurses from abroad should be recruited for work in Germany. Service providers such as care worker and have specialised in, inter alia, to the teaching of Spanish professionals. This does not apply, however, only the time-consuming search for qualified personnel, but the German company after the placement. Recognition, support, training, or sustainable Integration of the skilled workers are just some of the aspects that are perceived by the company in order to make both the facilities in Germany as well as the foreign experts cooperation as simple as possible.

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