François Fillon shocked by his coldness in the face of the caregivers out of a retirement home

François Fillon choque par sa froideur face aux soignants épuisés d’une maison de retraite

On France 2, in “The political Show” the candidate to the Republic François Fillon prefer to meet debt to those who are concerned about their working conditions.

In the issue of Thursday, February 23rd, of ” The political show “ on France 2, François Fillon went to meet the personal caregiver of a retirement home in the paris region, Bry-sur-Marne.

Then you say : “Nice ! A presidential candidate who meets the needs of the caregivers, the drudgery of working in a retirement home, for… What ? Agree, I look at the video before I make illusions.

Before watching the video, please sit comfortably. We are not responsible about the words said by this candidate, and we disclaim all responsibilities on what could happen on your place of viewing. And toc.

So there you fall from the top, necessarily. You have the one who calls him on the fact that the officials, still and always the same, should work 39 hours according to him and not 35. You talk to him so of drudgery of work, and anyway, no one has ever been to 35 hours a week in the health, there was always more. It admits a small smirk before responding,” It is necessary that they be paid” . Wait, I look at my overtime over the past few years paid in dribs and drabs and we will also ask the hospital doctors, who are waiting to be paid. No, I do not see… Continue, the nursing staff exhausted for years now replied that they prefer to rest than to be paid. You feel that we are not doing this job for the money or still not ?

Work more, rest less !

We need our RTT to rest. Because burnout also happens” . No, but he does not know the guy, he is based with his wife in his beautiful mansion by preparing what he will be able to pay the next time. A health care aide will try to respond : “it is two at night, for 84 (residents) and care for up to three hours in the morning” . Good after smiled stupidly it will respond with its great coldness usual : “well, I think that all around us, it is 39 hours, here” . There, he comes to seal the atmosphere in the concrete.

Then the health care team will attempt to pass back the message that everyone is trying to make pass since always, ask for more human resources while remaining in the 35 hours. François Fillon will let go of his famous : “you want me to do to the additional debt?” .

DUDE ! You can’t say that ! Especially at this time in your costume to 10,000 euros, proudly wearing your watch, at € 15,000, paying your wife 50.000 euros to gild the pill in his garden and tell a health care aide who die at the health to look after others while being paid the MINIMUM wage and who will be reaching retirement just the time to drink his milk coconut until it turns off because it will have lost 6 years of life, compared to yours which did not enjoy the benefits of its mocking madly caregivers, government officials, workers, of the French… And it is small to want to make us feel bad while we did nothing to create this debt we. Ah, if the only thing it is doing is losing personnel and have a small salary not increasing each year.

The duration of life of the French lies… not those of the caregivers

Also, I loved the passing of this person who drops “with the 39 hours, I think you have found a solution to the pensions because they won’t stay there for long, to retirement, to the level where it is “and that he will always answer to the law as a i :” the duration of life is lengthened considerably” . It will quickly be interrupted by ” yes, yours, can be” . So, this is what I was saying.

It is, therefore, a political man, corrupt and a liar, making his small tour campaign is so much to see, but who remains detached and contemptible in the face of caregivers are tired and exasperated from the scene. You want to show the image of a man is concern of the health ? But we never care of the Health of the government, it’s been a few years that you dropped Health ! You are one of those who put the cap, with a smile, looking at millions of people worked, and still more hunched over in exchange for water and bread. At a certain time, it is poorly finished…

In any case, Mr Fillon, if you read me, you have just lost the vote of all of the ASH, orderlies and nurses. And this is a sacred number of votes ! Game Over boy.

Talk as Fillon

– You do not use betadine to disinfect the wound ?

– The debt Lady.

– And you disinfect with alcohol before I perfuse ?

– The debt Lady, it is because of the debt.

– I would have a work stoppage for tomorrow ?

– No.

– Why ?

– Need to work, need help for debt, madam.

– You’re on your own this evening in the er ?

– The debt Lady… The debt…