Get his degree license

This is a question that the former arose during the implementation of the new program and then have not responded, believing that it will give them time to decide how to put us ” on level “. Yes but a few years after, the former wake up again and are increasingly asking : “But how do I get my license if I have passed the diploma before the new reform ? “

Me too, I want my a grade licence !

To tell the truth, there is still a certain haze. Let’s go back just quickly on the history of the category A and B, for the former you had the choice to choose your reclassification (by making you sparkle to 200 euros more on your payroll for 5 more years, finally, they have kept their word… with 5 more years) and to graduates from 2010, they have been directly classified in category A, but knowing that those graduates in 2010 and 2011, do not have their grade a license ! You always follow ? Good in any case, what I want to say also is that this is not because you are in class that you have the grade of “licence”.

It is true, we are still happy for the new graduates, get the recognition of the bac +3. In addition, your studies have been shortened to 6 months ! What is it is us with our 3 and a half years of study and only recognized as bac +2. No, I swear to you, I am not bitter, quite the contrary. But if for example I want to enter a contest where the access is reserved for diplomas, level II (BAC+3), how can I do ? So it would seem (since I have not tried) that some colleges take into account this “small detail” and grant access to alumni… confirm ? Good post, it speaks to me of APL. Very well, give me more information on the EAB, because I talk about it but I not show ! It sounds like an urban legend. Some of the facs of France signed a convention with the IFSI and the department for entitlement to the access to the competition level II, then up to you to find the fac closest if you want to spend your bachelor of science degree nurse. But in fact, this is what’ science nurse ” ? (Bing.)

But what are the laws ? And well not much else. In fact, if we look more closely on Legifrance, there is the decree n° 2010-1123 of September 23, 2010 speaking of the grade of the license, but only for the new reform… For the former, nothing is written. Excerpt : “The grade of “licence” is granted as of right to the holders of the securities or diplomas […] State Diploma of nursing (applicable to students who have completed their studies in accordance with the rules governing the obtaining of the State diploma of nursing starting in September 2009). “Prior to 2009 ? One is the forget.

I breath in the headset at the level of the training in France, facs refer to the RNCP (National Register of Professional Certifications, available at : where it is said that the OF nursing is considered a level II (bac +3), without distinction between the old and the new reform of nursing education. You can normally access to training courses and masters available with a bac +3.
We note that this is still very vague and that it would be simple, to the ministry of health to decide whether or not the alumni are also recognized or whether or not they have an equivalent to pass. We train in France and I see it even in my current position as the FF part where I still sometimes struggle to understand why it is sometimes so long… (and me not go out that it is the fault in the ” budget “).
Right after the debate on this reform, fantasy, this category, which makes you work 5 more years and you lose your hardness IDE (1 year bonus for 10 worked), thus indicating an increase of salary, which finally has been ridiculous compared to what was expected (knowing that the other contributions are added since), we’re not going to talk about here.
I do you will perhaps not bring the response that you expected, or maybe it was all the same informed, but if you have concrete answers on the question of how to obtain his degree licensed if I graduated before the new reform, I invite you to respond to the rest of this article. After, you see.
I’m going to try to make contact with a lawyer who is training at IFSI and in my hospital to see if it has a beginning of answer.
PS : Attention, the rank license does not mean that you have the license. QED.