Gift of the lab – the aftermath

The other day, I was talking about a lab that had no gift for me because I was a male nurse.

And well yesterday I had to call in for an order of material and I immediately jumped on the opportunity. “Wait girls, let me have the pleasure to call ! “So on the phone, I pointed out that we need him to be a patient in which there is a lack of equipment.

Your gift nurse ?

Him : Yes allo

Me : Yes hello, this is the hospital “beep” I would need hardware for one of my patients.

Him : Yes, it is for who ? What room ? (etc)

Me, I supplied the necessary information.

Him : okay very well I would come so Monday, you are who to contact ?

Me : Me ? I am the nice nurse has that you haven’t offered them the gift of the last time and yet I call to you ! (Gniark Gniark)

Him : Ah yes ! I’ve had buyer’s remorse, you know, I bring you something Monday

Me : Ah ? Ah hah thank you sir !

And he has kept his word ! Instead of having a gloss, so I had the right to a moisturizing cream to vanilla. Yes good, I have offered what, but I had my gift.