goodbye Myolastan (Tétrazépam)

And lo and behold, a drug is again withdrawn from the market, Myolastan. It is thenational security agency of the drug , which has taken a decision of removing the Tétrazépam, a molecule present in the Myolastan and other generic.

From 8 July, the sale will then be stopped and the boxes were recalled in and throughout the European Union. Mainly used as a relaxant of muscle, also I’ve taken this year and it had made me when even good for you… high risk of severe reactions resulting in death have led to this decision. The origin of the withdrawal comes from the French agency of drug which has entered the european medicines agency to request a re-evaluation of the benefit/risk ratio of this drug and the suspension of its marketing authorization.

The Tétrazépam is on the French market since 1969 and since that period, 1616 cases of adverse effects have been identified that lead to 11 deaths. Of course, there are other alternatives to the Tétrazépam of which non-drug treatment.

In addition, some neurological effects are also computed and if it is refére to a study in the ” British Medical Source” , there is a combination of benzodiazepines (which, I remind you that the Tétrazépam part of it) to a risk of dementia increased. Among the benzo, we can mention the Valium, the Xanax, the Ativan