How do single displacement reactions work?

How do single displacement reactions work?

A single-displacement reaction occurs when an element replaces another element in a compound. A metal only replaces a metal, and a nonmetal only replaces a nonmetal. Only a more reactive element can replace the other element in the compound with which it reacts.

How do you balance a single replacement equation?

You balance the equation for a single replacement reaction the same way as any other equation. You place coefficients in front of the chemical formulas so that the numbers of atoms of the elements are the same on both sides.

What are half-reactions answers?

A redox half reaction is a reduction or an oxidation reaction. He half reaction does not occur by itself it much be coupled so that he electron released for another to be accepted.

How many electrons are gained in the half-reaction o2?

4 electrons

What is a good reducing agent?

Good reducing agents include the active metals, such as sodium, magnesium, aluminum, and zinc, which have relatively small ionization energies and low electro-negativities. Metal hydrides, such as NaH, CaH2, and LiAlH4, which formally contain the H- ion, are also good reducing agents.

What do half reactions show apex?

Answer: A. They show the oxidation and reduction halves of a reaction

What are the half reactions for a galvanic cell with Zn and Ni electrodes?

Zn(s) → Zn2+(aq) + 2e and Ni(s) → Ni2+(aq) + 2e.

How are the oxygen atoms balanced for redox reactions in basic solutions?

In basic conditions, the oxygen atoms should be balanced with OH–, while the hydrogen atoms should be balanced with water. The fully balanced reaction should have both half-reactions added back together.

What is standard reduction potential?

The standard reduction potential is the reduction potential of a molecule under specific, standard conditions. Standard reduction potentials can be useful in determining the directionality of a reaction. The reduction potential of a given species can be considered to be the negative of the oxidation potential.

Which is most easily reduced?

Predicting the Redox Half-Reactions In the table provided, the most easily reduced element is Li and the most easily oxidized is iron.