How do you balance H2S SO2 s H2O?

How do you balance H2S SO2 s H2O?

How to Balance:

  1. Hint-1. Try balancing the Oxygen atoms first.
  2. Hint-2. Next balance the Hydrogen atoms.
  3. Show Balanced Equation. 2H2S + SO2 = 2H2O + 3S.

How do you balance the equation SO2 O2 so3?

Answer. 2so2 + o2 = 2so3 will be the balanced equation…..

What type of reaction is Fe O2 → Fe3O4?

Fe + O2 → Fe2O3 is the unbalanced form of chemical reaction.

What is fe304?

Ferrosoferric oxide is an iron oxide. ChEBI. Iron (II,III) oxide (Fe3O4). It is a black ore of IRON that forms opaque crystals and exerts strong magnetism.

What is Fe2O3 called?

Ferric oxide is an iron oxide. ChEBI. Iron(III) oxide or ferric oxide is the inorganic compound with the formula Fe2O3. It is one of the three main oxides of iron, the other two being iron(II) oxide (FeO) the rarer form, and iron(II,III) oxide (Fe3O4) which naturally as magnetite.

How is fe304 formed?

Fe3O4 is formed with the combination of FeO and Fe2O3 i.e. ferrous oxide and ferric oxide.

How Fe2O3 is formed?

How is Fe2O3 formed? Iron (III) oxide, or ferric oxide, is the product that is formed when iron undergoes oxidation. This can be prepared in the laboratory by electrolyzing a sodium bicarbonate solution, an inert electrolyte, with an iron anode. The resulting hydrated iron(III) oxide, is dehydrated at around 200 °C.

What causes Fe3O4?

Fe3O4 is the chemical formula of Iron (II, III) oxide which has four oxygen atoms, three iron atoms. Iron (Fe) is metal and oxygen(O2) is non-metal.

What is the correct name for FeO?

Iron(II) oxide

What is the chemical name for Ni2S3?

Nickel sulfide

What is the name of ccl4?


What is the name of P4S10?

Phosphorus pentasulfide

What is the charge of ni2s3?


Is ag2s black?

S. A dense black solid, it is the only sulfide of silver….Silver sulfide.

Molar mass 247.80 g·mol−1
Appearance Grayish-black crystal
Odor Odorless
Density 7.234 g/cm3 (25 °C) 7.12 g/cm3 (117 °C)

Is nickel sulfide soluble in water?

Nickel Sulfide is a moderately water and acid soluble Nickel source for uses compatible with sulfates.