How many degrees is an angle?

How many degrees is an angle?

The concept of angle The more familiar unit of measurement is that of degrees. A circle is divided into 360 equal degrees, so that a right angle is 90°.

How many inches is 360 degrees?

So the number of degrees per inch depends on the size of the circle, or sphere. For instance, if I draw a circle with a radius of 1 inch, then 360 degrees (all the way around the circle) corresponds to 2π inches, about 6.283 inches. So each degree is about 0.0175 inches.

What degree is 3pi?

Radians to degrees conversion table

Radians (rad) Radians (rad) Degrees (°)
π/3 rad 1.0471975512 rad 60°
π/2 rad 1.5707963268 rad 90°
2π/3 rad 2.0943951024 rad 120°
3π/4 rad 2.3561944902 rad 135°

How do you convert angles to degrees?

To convert radians to degrees, multiply the radian by 180/ π. So, the formula is given by, Angle in radian x 180/ π = Angle in degrees.

How many radians is 90 degrees in pi?

Radians and Degrees

Degrees Radians (exact) Radians (approx)
90° π/2 1.571
180° π 3.142
270° 3π/2 4.712
360° 6.283

What is the reference angle for 200o?

A 240-degree angle is between 180 and 270 degrees, so its terminal side is in QIII. Do the operation indicated for that quadrant. Subtract 180 from 240. You find that 240 – 180 = 60, so the reference angle is 60 degrees.

What is the reference angle of 90 degrees?

π / 2

What is tan pi?

Important Angle Summary

θ° θradians tan(θ)
135° 3π/4 -1
150° 5π/6 -√3/3
180° π 0
210° 7π/6 √3/3

What is sin at Pi?

In trigonometry, we use pi (π) for 180 degrees to represent the angle in radians. Hence, sin π is equal to sin 180 or sin π = 0.