How to Become a Filmmaker

Who says you need to wait for college to build professional-level skills? Mayer Adelberg, creator of the web series , certainly doesn’t.

Making solo YouTube videos is already hard enough, but Mayer found the creative fuel to successfully Kickstart his passion project complete with actual film crews and casting, all while still in high school.

If you’re interested in filmmaking yourself, or you just want to know how to find the drive to chase your goals sooner than that elusive , give today’s episode a listen.

And if you want to see Mayer’s work in action, check out the first episode of Synesthesia below.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Synesthesia site
  • Synesthesia’s first episode
  • Film Riot
  • Rocket Jump Film School
  • Rode NTG4 PLUS Shotgun Mic
  • Synesthesia’s (successful!) Kickstarter page
  • Whole Foods Parking Lot music video
  • , by Sonja Schenk and Ben Long
  • , by Peter Rea and David Irving
  • , by Walter Murch
  • , by Camille Landau and Tiare White
  • Indie Film Hustle Podcast
  • Casey Neistat
  • Every Frame a Painting
  • Every Frame a Painting – How to Do Action Comedy
  • Mayer Adelberg’s site
  • Tiny Whale Productions
  • Mayer Adelberg on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
  • The College Info Geek Community on Reddit

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How to Become a Filmmaker (Ep. 159)