How to Build a Freelance Career as a Student (Ep. 97)

Ever wondered how freelance writers get accepted to write for huge sites – and get paid for it?

On today’s episode my guest is Aja Frost, an English major who does exactly that in her spare time between classes.

Aja began writing for fun shortly after starting her freshman year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She sought out pretty much any site that openly accepted guest contributions, writing on a wide variety of topics and slowly building a portfolio.

Before her freshman year had ended, she was getting offers to write paid articles – and now, she’s paid off all her student loans and created a self-sustaining writing career (all before graduating). Between then and now, Aja has written for TechCrunch, Fast Company, USA Today, Inc., and lots of other sites.

In this episode, we get into the details of how Aja got started, her daily habits, writing routine, and how she gets ideas and does research. We’ll also dig into exactly how she goes about getting her writing on high-profile sites.

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