How to hide baldness without surgery ?

Comment dissimuler une calvitie sans chirurgie ?

The men affected by the problems of baldness, alopecia areata or alopecia are very often very complexed and this translates into a lack of self-confidence and an obsession with their hair in the ice.

Solutions first against alopecia, or hair loss

The microfibers to the keratin

For people with hair loss lightweight and loss of material, there are powders capillaries are composed of microfibers of keratin colored sprinkle it on sparse areas of the skull. This product densifies the hair immediately, but its effectiveness is temporary. It is an alternative for people who do not want to practice surgery, or to wear a wig or postiche.

It exists in the same register of a spray, said camouflage to the color of your hair, the women use it to hide their roots, and the men to finish with the thinning hair. It is however necessary to repeat this operation on a daily basis which can be a constraint term.

Supplements capillaries

For men with baldness severe, it is necessary to choose a more radical solution : either you opt for the complement hair for the hair transplant.

Even though it is clear that now is not the time to be the postiche, taught BY SIX, for example, offers add-ins hair undetectable and natural. It is of course necessary to pass the course, and support the maintenance and the installation of the add-in capillary, but if you do not want to go through a surgery, this option is ideal and the result is stunning ! It must, of course, maintain it, wash the hair piece, but you can keep it several days on the skull.

The registry bulbs by FUE or FUT

Some men don’t want to waste time in the bathroom, they were discouraged by the effort required and wants an immediate result. They choose to the registry bulbs (FUE and FUT) in order to end baldness.

It is a major surgery that allows you to fill areas of the scalp affected by baldness or alopecia. When the technique of FUE is used, the grafts are more fragile, and this has an impact on the chances of success of the intervention. Moreover, it is necessary to know the number of follicular units that it is possible to extract and is of the order of 3500 to the maximum, as against 4000 to 5000 units in the case of a WAS.

The dermopigmentation against baldness

When your decision-making refers to the surgical it is any other level of the results. In this case, the dermopigmentation can intervene in several cases :

The dermopigmentation, effect trompe-l’oeil is impressive !

Your hair loss is not catastrophic, but for you, put in sight of all the world of golf massive, or hair too thin, or just peeling, it becomes unbearable. This is where the dermopigmentation capillary can save you from your hurt. Many men have already trusted us with this new technique, and the result is impressive : the effect of trompe-l’oeil is guaranteed ! And the result is completely natural and convincing for each patient.

Comment dissimuler une calvitie sans chirurgie ?

Comment dissimuler une calvitie sans chirurgie ?

Comment dissimuler une calvitie sans chirurgie ?

Camouflage a scar from transplant FUE or FUT missed it

Your operation has unfortunately not had the desired result, the graft has not taken properly. Your baldness is still strongly present, and so the scar is visible in the sight of all the world, and this is unthinkable ! It is certain that each person reacts differently to the healing.

Thanks to the dermopigmentation, they can be mitigated in spectacular fashion ! The practitioner may therefore only take place on the scars achromiques (white) final. It is necessary to wait 6 to 8 months after surgery. The practitioner will use pigments suitable for concealing the scar in question.

See the video >>> Click-here.

Comment dissimuler une calvitie sans chirurgie ?

Comment dissimuler une calvitie sans chirurgie ?

Trust an expert in tricopigmentation

The Centre Lyonnais de Tricopigmentation treats blemishes caused by the hair loss that it is due to pattern baldness, alopecia, or alopecia areata, or as a result of scarring caused by a graft of FUE or FUT.

Using needles for single use, the centre Lyonnais uses pigments ” Cromaderm “, medical grade, bio-absorbable. These pigments provide a required color in time and thus produce results that are very natural and realistic.

The result is very precise, thanks to the dermographe that allows you to adjust the frequency of the needle to the hundredth of a second. A session may last between 2 to 6 hours depending on the area to be treated.

Jennifer Glomaud, practitioner of the renowned exercises with passion and verve the Tricopigmentation and dermopigmentation restorative.

Trust an expert in the failures of restorative is crucial the professional know-how such as Jennifer Glomaud allows you to choose this solution and end this evil be of male pattern baldness.

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