Hypnosis : learn all about this practice

Define the hypnosis is not an easy task but to make it simple, we could say that hypnosis is a process that aims to immerse the patient in a state of deep calm in limbo between wakefulness and sleep. The purpose of hypnosis is to help people get rid of their addiction to alcohol, cigarette, drugs, or lose weight and much more.

The person immersed in a state of hypnosis is completely calm with a sense of deep relaxation. The hypnotherapist will use this process to interact with the unconscious of the patient to try to drill out the source of the problem faced by the latter. Through hypnosis, it is thus possible to detect the origin of a trauma experienced by the patient in an attempt to provide a solution to the problem of addiction or behaviour that results. Through this process, hypnotherapists as Guillaume Beulé, who practice hypnosis in Rennes manage to improve the situation of their patients on emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, or phobias, and worry behaviors such as addiction to alcohol or cigarette, etc

Who is hypnosis ?

For some time, the practice of hypnosis is more common in psychotherapy. It is undeniable that using hypnosis can help a person to end up with the disorders that undermine daily. There are many people who have managed to overcome an addiction to alcohol, stop smoking cigarettes or to reduce their stress and their worries. Hypnosis is also particularly effective for losing extra pounds. There is also the possibility to use hypnosis during brief sessions of psychotherapy.

In what condition is the place a hypnosis session ?

Hypnosis is divided into two major currents a so-called “Freud” that is based on the suggestion. The hypnotherapist will give precise instructions to the patient to help cure his problem.

The second current “Ericksonien” is opposed to “Freud” because it will not be a matter of suggestion, but rather to solicit an active participation of the patient during the session. During the session, the patient is plunged into a state of deep relaxation thanks to some of the questions that are being asked for access to his unconscious. The therapist takes the patient to discover what causes his pain or his addiction and then helps to solve his problem.

How much does a hypnosis session ?

The hypnosis session is billed, on average, 50 to 90 euros for an hour. Depending on the problem, you may need 4 to 5 sessions to achieve the goals that you have set using this method.