I am a teacher of nursing!

In my profile on this site, station Manager until Recently: in the Asklepios clinic North/clinic for personality and trauma disorders. Eight years of nursing in psychiatry. And now?

Longing for a new challenge

I’m reluctant to still need a regular source of new challenges. Without me in front of the career choice of thought into this, am I as a nurse in one of the most varied fields of occupation landed, there is. The decision to work in psychiatric nursing, I’ve met just as aware of how to become a station Manager. This is not the end of my path – what is a little surprising when you know me.

Study as an opportunity

Studying as a nurse – there are many possibilities and still more reasons to do it. My personal: I have cancelled my training a language degree and at this point there is a bill with me. Care management, for example, would be an established degree programme. To complete this, and on a Post as a head of Department or Director of nursing to work as a station Manager to be obvious. Nursing management is an activity that excites me a little. Therefore, care management as a degree for me is not an Option.

Search for the Alternative

As the nursing management of the intensive contact with patients I would miss, and the responsibility would be too big for me. To recognize own limits – this is an important feature in the nursing profession. So something else… training courses I have given in the past few years, and the way trainees are taught. My childhood dream to be a teacher, coming back to me. My ideas become more concrete to my mind. Teacher in nursing is my next goal!

Planning of the studies

Where can I study? How can I combine that with my Job in the health – and sick care? The two Central questions in the planning phase. Vocational school teacher training, nursing education, professional education and medical education are the names of the courses of study in Germany. Full-time, part-time or working professionals – these are the ways to perform it. Accessible degrees: the Bachelor of Arts, based on this, the Master of Arts.

Setting realistic goals

The income question was clear from the beginning that I can’t go back Full – time or part-time study. Stay away while working and not to far. Medical School Hamburg: too expensive. University of Hanover: son of a – next application opportunity in ten months. Care pedagogy at the FH Münster in cooperation with the University of applied Sciences of Diaconia Bethel in Bielefeld: a feasible presence, feasible distance, good reputation. Quickly the application was submitted and after anxious I get Waiting for a commitment! The issues of sustainability and the future work still remained.

Once everything please!

Breaks in life are, at least in my not rare. A degree is enough, actually as news. Now, I find the linking of theory and practice is important. Working as a station Manager in the hospital has little to do with vocational education. So I have organized the exchange to my workplace. My work as a casual lecturer at the educational center for the health professions at the Asklepios clinics in Hamburg has given me the idea to apply there. Also at this point, I was lucky and can now focus since October of 2016 with a 75-percent point, and in March to begin the study.

Photo: Unsplash / Jesse Orrico