I have made the acquaintance of Brugada

J’ai fait la connaissance de Brugada

One receives it, this young man 32 years of age, athletic and who seems to have a convulsive seizure at home in the presence of his girlfriend when they slept both…

He speaks to us, it is this, it is going well. At home, he reassures his girlfriend who is 4 months pregnant, he said to him : “everything will be okay, don’t worry “. Except that not everything will go so well, he redid a new a convulsive crisis in our box home, it looks very much like an epileptic seizure but with experience, we doubt it. We have seen seizures and this is atypical for us… His crisis lasts for a long time, long time… His face and the top of its body become blue.

It decides, therefore, to push the déchocage quickly reassuring his wife, “all will be well” hear-say.

Except that once in the box of déchocage, he made several pauses in breathing with gasping associated. More… cardiac arrest will occur 30 seconds later.

It was immediately massaged, intubated, drugged, shocked… the Entire team of emergency as well as resuscitation and the cardiologist came by the will wave around him. He is young, he has our age, we will run out to save him. We have not seen the time pass, although we could hear the hours cried by a nurse of the various drugs administered and / or of a shock by the defibrillator, one does not suspect that it had held 1H30 for this achievement. It has recovered once, but only for a minute. To cardiac echo done on the spot, the cardiologist will not see anything abnormal.

Via the respirator, and the chest belt Auto-pulse that has been put in place, he was lead to the scanner to check what’s going on and maybe give themselves an excuse to continue or not. We recover, each in its own sauce, we don’t realize in the moment what happened. It lags just the backlash of the resuscitation. We will talk about that later.

Intubated, on life support and with the chest belt Auto-pulsed, he was lead to the scanner… The result will be negative. Nothing in the scan skull or the chest. Failure, there is nothing nowhere. We stay once again in this question, the one that irritates us about sometimes.

It was mounted subsequently in the intensive care unit where all of his friends with whom he had had a basketball game the same evening and his girlfriend were waiting. A doctor had told them that the prognosis was bad but they believed in it…

He died a few hours later. It was our first of this year 2016, which had just begun.

The next day, we knew who was responsible. It was the fault of Brugada it seems.