In the care: The Team makes the difference

When I started in the Asklepios clinic St. Georg in my training, I knew the daily difficulties in the nursing profession. Staff shortages, Overload – everything that can happen. And all of these things were aware, and yet, I decided to go for the Job in care. Why? Each Individual can change something. By your own Motivation, through the setting, through a friendly demeanor.

It is not a question to deal only with empathy and a unique style to the patients and to provide them, but also to motivate their own colleagues. I see this as my task.

I’ve got great colleagues, we are a good Team. Each and every colleague is on his way. I work in a young and motivated team, each has its place and is integrated. We have fun at work. Laugh even in moments of Overload. So it is on many other stations in the hospital.

Care is in the Team for people to be there

I can only advertise to opt for this profession. Even if it means in addition to a huge responsibility, a lot of work – and have little understanding of this outside of the respective device. Every nurse is not familiar with statements in the circle of friends as “I could!”, “How do you do that?” or “For me, that would be nothing!” It is true, you have to have good reasons to take this job. “I like working with people” is not a reason, but it is a prerequisite. The most important reason for me is that we help people without reservations.

My profession is an asset

I am for the past two and a half years on the Station C5, the Asklepios clinic St. Georg. I have done my exam and I am since June of 2017 trainer. Straight to the accident and reconstructive surgery, we have to do on a daily basis with many different patients. Close to the main railway station, we have also, of course, often people who have no fixed abode. Language barriers are not uncommon. Bullying is almost a daily occurrence. Nevertheless, Unconditionally, taken care of the people. Between people can and should make no difference. In contrast to other Professions, this is not done in care. This makes the profession of health and nursing an asset.

Team Motivation is the number-one

But without my colleagues, it would not work. I would want to never trade, because they motivate me, this profession continues to exercise. My Team gives me. I work well with every Individual. Each brings his personality to have something Special with. In addition, we joke with each other, crack jokes. It is important that we can laugh together. So we remain inwardly strong for the work of everyday life.

Photo: Fotolia / Andrey Popov