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Also in the old well and neatly dressed

As a Gerontologist and legal managers, I always come back to in-patient facilities for the elderly. Striking for me in this context is that in some nursing homes on the clothes of the residents is respected. Especially on so-called protective departments ( dementia, etc.), I see again and again people in the “baggy look”. Clearly, the Tightening Jogging pants for nurses is faster and easier. But: Even the sick or the elderly have a Dignity! I continue to forge my thoughts, I come to the conclusion that the quality of an inpatient facility is quite close to the appearance of the well-kept people.
Of because grey mouse…

Fashion is not a question of age. But it is also clear that with increasing age, the style changed. While you tried in the twenties, and also a lot of skin showed, it was 50 something seasoned. Fashion is always a matter of well-being, but some taboos are there: Wear what you want, but for a perfect Look, there is a custom style and matching colors. Just women over 60 should pay attention to quality clothing. As the body changes over the years, it needs high-quality and well-crafted materials to give your Silhouette an even nicer shape. To flatter the figure, to sit on the pieces of clothing well. Small accents such as chains, bracelets, or tire and belt complete the Look perfectly. For the small “Rest” are stylish and classic Basics better than a lot of glitter and big ruffles. You could unintentionally make older.

Good fit in daring combinations

You don’t hide in inconspicuous Beige or grey. Your personality has many facets and can be expressed as: in the colors that you wear. You simply trust and coordinate your clothes but to your eye color. The let it Shine!

While in the past the accessories were chosen in the same color as the Outfit, you can conjure up today, an eye-catcher. Choose a bag in an eye-catching tone and you wear the eye-catcher every day. Because, no matter what color you choose, it fits to everything – especially in the spring. So strengthen your self-confidence and convey a positive attitude. You should look for providers, which fits better to the more Mature Silhouette, take a look: COS, Gerry Weber, Esprit or Cinque or online at Adler, Otto & co. Over. The models are convenient and cover, if necessary, also a bit of a tummy.

Even the woman’s feel: Extra tips for the good

The young and fresh look, the right Make-up and hairstyle. You are buying a high-quality powder to create a perfect primer. With a bit of tanning and tinting powder, you can conjure up a fresh complexion and if you want to cheat you with a great blush for a couple of years younger. To fit a eye shadow that makes the eyes Shine and a lipstick of your choice is always nice:.

For a neat appearance, also the regular visits to the hairdresser. Fresh your color on and have a fashionable cut to miss. Or you stay with your natural color. You is you, if necessary, to grey, get your hair with a light silver-tone more PEP. You are the hairdresser of your trust to advise which color type is ideal for you. A glance in the mirror should trigger joy. This is-feel with-one’s self, no matter of age, but always a topic. And if you do not create some ways or tricks alone, ask a nurse to assist you something. If you are still on the search for competent and well-trained nurses: We HUMANIS are there for you:

by Adriano Pierobon, Gerontologist (FH), MBAIn General