Living in old age – how do I find a suitable retirement home?

Wohnen im Alter – wie finde ich einen passenden Alterswohnsitz?I published a few months ago here on the Blog in advance of an Interview. In the course of this interview, I have occupied myself intensively with the online to find information around the topic “Living in old age”, because on there are also old people’s homes and residences for senior citizens that advertise there. At the weekend I had finally time again to put me in a box instead of on the office chair in my armchair and have again called on the old notes. The following is resulted:

Living in old age – but how I want to live at all?

If you think about the suitable apartment for yourself as a Senior or a suitable apartment for the (in law)parents – to-be in order to live closer to their own home or care – then you have to ask yourself first the question of how I want to live. There are several differences:

1. Assisted Living, Senior Residence, Integrated Housing, Housing With Services

To me only the first two terms were not always familiar with, but in the Internet search a lot else came to names. I stay for the sake of simplicity the first (and probably best-known) concept of “Assisted Living”. This is an intermediate step between Living at home and Living in a retirement home with care. This type of housing for the elderly is appropriate for those who no longer can provide complete self, but, nevertheless, a significant degree of independence want to retain. There are different forms of Assisted living, residential complexes with integrated services to facilities in which a service office provides the services of externally.

The residents can also be narrowed down fairly well:

  • 72% have discomfort when walking or movement
  • 66% complain of problems with the heart or circulation
  • 50% have hearing problems or visual problems

And one more fact is remarkable: Four-fifths of all Feeding women and equal to the number of those who move alone. Assisted Living is primarily for older women who have lived together with your spouse in a private apartment, but after the death of a partner, this apartment is no longer want to inhabit. Then a assisted Living provides a good Balance of support and distraction, but also self-employment.

Wohnen im Alter – wie finde ich einen passenden Alterswohnsitz?2. Barrier-free apartment or apartment allow them to adjust

Who would not want to move in the old, the house or apartment age-appropriate customize. Of course money is also a little Small, necessary, or even a higher amount depending on how hard it is, the apartment is barrier-free and age-appropriate. This one has the advantage of age, not more to a new environment to get used to, to be able to continue with the (hopefully) nice neighbours to chat to, and stop the usual way to go.

Alternatively, it is of course possible, but once again to move, but not in a senior residence or assisted Living, but in a new apartment, which is accessible for wheelchair users. Such flats and houses are to be found via specialist brokers, but also via Online services.

3. Community Living

Such a Form I knew everything from my student life – the WG. More and more Senior citizens-oriented residential projects to organize in the community. The advantage compared to the other two variants: The residents themselves, i.e. the elderly, with live together in their living communities. There’s a new community feeling and social contacts are also advanced in age. I think it’s a great idea for all of you that are afraid to. In addition, you can take some services of assisted living also in addition, and possibly share the costs.

The disadvantage: You have to make to live in old age again compromises the joint Together. But, depending on the size and equipment of the community house, you can create certainly have its quiet zones.

Conclusion: a wide variety of possibilities for the design of game room offer

You see, it is actually something for everyone and with the right arguments and examples to create it also determines the recalcitrant, perhaps, at the beginning of something (in law)parents to a task of its own, not senior-friendly apartment to persuade.

Do you have experience with the topic of Living in old age? I’m looking forward to your comments. In addition, I will pursue the matter further and determined again Supplement.