Magda makes the already! – New RTL show on Polish caregiver

Now, the 24-hour-care is arrived at through Eastern European care workers and so also in the Mainstream in the Form of Magda. On the one hand, an indication of the growing acceptance of this form of Care at home, and on the other sides of the question of whether this has, however, earned a very sensitive issue of elderly care at home such a Format”.

What is it about? Who is Magda?

Her accent is Eastern European, it has a nice Appearance, you can properly tackle, and seeks desperately a new Job: Magda Wozniak (played by Verena Altenberger), a quick-witted old nanny from Poland with a big heart. She is the main actress of the new RTL-Sitcom “Magda’s got it!”. More directly in

The Story of Magda in the Detail

The recently unemployed Magda Wozniak engaged himself as a caretaker for the physically impaired and yet very biased Waltraud Holtkamp (played by Hedi Kriegeskotte), to see the leniency of the old Age there is not a trace. Completely different worlds collide, however:

Magda, who wants a nice life in better circumstances, and for any challenge, always several solutions and family Holtkamp, lacking nothing, really, but overwhelmed nevertheless, all the time with everything.

To the family Waltraud include, in addition to grandma, the perfectionist assessed, and duration of stressed-out mother, Cornelia (Brigitte Zeh), your all-time relaxed man, Tobias (Matthias Komm) as well as in the puberty, being the daughter of Leah (Charlotte Krause) and the younger son Luca (Luis Cain), who is sometimes in the hustle and bustle. Magda, due to their temperamental nature and impulsiveness of the life of your new employer pretty much on the head.

The new Sitcom “makes Magda!” is on Thursdays at 21:15 jew. in a double-sequence of at RTL. Parallel to the TV broadcast, there are also in the RTL-watch Live Stream at and in the corresponding TV NOW App. In the case of TV NOW all the episodes can be viewed later in full length. Here the Trailer:

Our Conclusion

Nicely done, some quite a laugh, and with Verena Altenberger is the main chosen role. It should be noted that this is not a Polish, but originally Austrian. On the other hand, the level moves sometimes between old-fashioned Poland jokes and säftelnder the middle-Lüstelei. Almost every stereotype about Poland will be taken up. This reflects not sure of the reality again and will keep the many Polish nurses in the German house, a self-sacrificing Job. Positively you can say that, in General, the subject comes into focus and the problems in the German care landscape.

What do you think of the show? We look forward to your comments!