Medical Education: good practice to start

After the tray, and even a little later, we want to take control of our future by choosing the domain in which we would like to continue. The medicine is one of these systems that are known to be very stable and remunerative in the world of work. But to begin its studies in this discipline requires a good preparation. Some of the strategies are the same to adopt to accomplish its entrance.


Each year, there’s this contest, the PACES (first year common health studies) which determines the future of young people wishing to become a doctor, midwife, dentist, pharmacist, nurse, or other. And each year, the chess cut the momentum of those candidates who have relied on a discipline they are passionate about. They have been given everything during the preparatory: medical research paper, medical articles, lectures from practicing doctors, but the tests were harder than they are expected.

But maybe the problem comes from elsewhere. The preparation should already be done before the tray as well that the competition is accessible to all high school graduates, it would seem that the scientific profiles have more chance to stand out. According to the statistics, 60 % of high school students who were in the pocket of their science graduate with mention manage to pass the tests. The first tip is to clearly succeed his one-year terminal.

Currently, the numerus clausus (the maximum number of students for each specialty) has been increased. The estimate of 8,000 seats including all branches. The chances of success have therefore been improved. However, the competition will be tough at this level. In order to better prepare, students will:

Being fully informed about the universities

The admission PostBac is the first step for all university studies. But people need to know that even if the PACES are common to all institutions, the universities set different coefficients for the EU. In some academic units such as public health, or society and humanity have more weight. In others, such as Paris Descartes, the physical Chemistry will be a material-intensive. Students in the bac S and ES therefore in your best interest to carefully choose the place where they will continue their journey. To have the necessary information, young people can attend the shows or go directly check with the offices of each high school.

Relax as it should during the holidays

Often, the force of wanting to succeed, the future doctors and health specialists train too early and arrive very tired to the Paces. This is a pretty bad strategy. The best is to take advantage of the holiday to relax and empty the mind. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take up the lessons and the prep a few weeks before the start of the contest.

Avoid delays and problems of availability

Teachers and trainers do not tell you enough: to be able to succeed, consistency is essential. During the prep, the ideal would therefore be to choose an institution not very far away. The student will also need to put all the chances on his side, arranging his schedule. It will need to be available and attend to the work in group or take particular courses.

Other tips for a good start

Motivation is seen as the main quality to have if one wishes to successfully take their SEATS. But often the concept is quite blur that it becomes useful to clarify what teachers mean by that. Practically, be justified means: to be able to study rigorously and effectively. The ability of education alone is also an advantage without neglecting the group.

The student should also do everything to have a strong ability to understand and retain the essential courses. Finally, it is necessary to have the habit of working 10 hours per day during the months of preparations.