medical use : What are the recruitment methods the most common ?

The medical sector is deemed to be especially recruiter with staffing needs on a regular basis. Your diploma in your pocket, you’re searching for a job in the medical ? But, it is your first job and you do not know how this is happening ? It introduces you to the practices of recruiting the most used !

Multiple solutions for finding a job in the medical

The first step to finding a job in the medical find job offers corresponding to your specialization, the region in which you want to work, and the type of contract that you look for to know CDD, CDI, acting…

There are sites that are dedicated to job advertisements in the medical and By registering and providing your CV, you will receive many offers in accordance with your request. You will then only have to select which ones you wish to apply.

If, as shown on internet is a solution used by recruiters to find candidates, this is not the only means used. In fact, they do not hesitate to place advertisements in specialized magazines in the medico-social. They are available in paper version, but also digital as a general rule. Similarly, in view of the difficulties in finding candidates in certain specialties, but also regions, employers will sometimes even search their candidates within the training centres. Thus, you have the opportunity to find a job in the medical as soon as you graduate.

Finally, it is good to know that some hospitals hold information sessions during which they quote the offers they have to provide, their terms of recruitment… You will be able to find some contacts that can prove to be very interesting for your career.

The choice of the public service

To find a job in the medical sector, the public service is an important outlet. The access conditions are specific for each branch, but they are generally performed by means of the FPT (fonction Publique Territoriale) with the help of a contest. If you have obtained your nursing degree, for example, you will need to succeed in the competition rounds of the FPT to find a job. The number of places depends on the needs, in terms of recruitment.

Emploi médical : Quelles sont les méthodes de recrutement les plus communes ?

Once you this step is successful, a job is assigned to you unlike the competition in the field of medico-social managed by the management centre where once the trials successful, you must still put you in seeking a job in the medical.

Finally, as shown on this page, after that you will be in a position, if you wish to change the hospital, there are internal competitions and the 3e contest for which you need to justify a certain amount of experience.

The acting for a start

If you do not want from the beginning, you establish a type of institution, but vary your experiments, be aware that it is possible to find a job in the medical sector through the acting. Some of these companies are specialized in this field and recruit staff for hospitals, clinics, institutes, medico-social…

The advantage is that you get a first experience on the variety of places in which you will work and you’ll know more easily what type of establishment you want to run for a position more stable.

In addition, it gives you more flexibility in terms of hours, type of establishment and geographic area. A method to card that suits many people in the beginning of their career.