Mumble – slurred speech

Mumble – What is it ?

“Mumble” is understood in the General sense, a (very) vague pronunciation of the people. Triggered through nervousness, insecurity, ignorance, Fears, and other psychological impairments. Even “normal” Stress in the family, among friends and colleagues or at work can lead to eye-catching Mumble. A slurred pronunciation can also be due to hearing damage affects. A visit to the family doctor / ear, nose and throat doctor can bring certainty.

Consequences and facts

By recurring mockery of our society, it falls to the mumble to talk always heavier, so that it can speak the “normal” and all other forms of verbal communication completely unlearn. On the basis of this Shy by several thousand people fall silent World year after year. Even pain sounds are only expressed rarely, or not at all.

Tips and advice

  • By recording his own voice on tapes, or the Computer you can hear yourself out, you can self-improve; by, if necessary, a Text, read it aloud. Vereinzelnt it can be words you can’t pronounce correctly. This can then be practiced again and again, until you have mastered these error-free.
  • When you speak, for example, in front of the mirror, you should pay attention to the movements of his face. It is important to be relaxed, so that no muscles are “groundless” hard. To easing, it helps to shake often his head with open mouth””.
  • During a conversation, you should not do too many things at once. It is better to concentrate on only one thing, the talk. You should listen to ourselves as well as slowly and speak clearly. Also, you should give collateral, by informing, for example, for the above interviews as accurately as possible about the company. The more information you have prepared for yourself, the more security you have, when you are talking about. Also, one should be of his own opinion and his personality convinced – Each person is unique!
  • Take a lock cork of a wine bottle and biting loose teeth. Now you should try to speak as clearly as you can, as you would have no Corks in the mouth. Even if it is difficult, you should not cancel this Exercise! Exercise finally makes the master ?
  • Vocabulary trainer can help by accompanying CDs for traditional CD Player or for the Computer. Through listening and interactive speaking practice in the Computer exercises and training is also a safe debate.

Points of contact

Should be after repeated Exercises, no changes for the better evident, you should look for professional help. Here, too, the house doctor can help by arranging a Referral to a speech therapist or even a psychologist, etc. In most cases, all costs incurred by the health insurance are taken.

Nuscheln – Undeutliches sprechen

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