nursing Care : tips to lose weight healthily

Many experts will tell you definitely that being overweight is not healthy. Indeed, in the case of health, this situation can result in the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or back pain, and many other health concerns. Also, to be in good health, it is recommended to lose weight to achieve her weight. And to get there, it is necessary to combine a proper diet with physical exercises. Find in this post some tips to eliminate your extra pounds.

Create a caloric deficit in the diet is the most important

In general, the importance of the plan is equal to 75 % to weight loss. While the physical activities represent 25 %. In fact, it is because it takes more time to digest the food that we eat, especially those that are high in calories. In addition, many studies have shown that it is more effective to lose weight by paying attention to what one eats, in relation to sport activity.

Also, if you want to perdre 10 kilos rather quickly, it is easier to cut calories than to burn them. As an illustration, a burger consisting of and delicious, can contain over 500 calories. And to burn this amount of calories, you will need to run on a distance of over 6.5 km.

Soins infirmiers : conseils pour perdre du poids sainement

How to eat well to lose weight effectively ?

Of course, it is true that low-calorie diets tend to be the most popular, because they promote a rapid weight loss, but the most important thing is to take account of your condition. Because this type of diet can be quite difficult to maintain, especially over a long period, because of the risk of nutritional deficiencies and lack of follow-up. This is why most nutritionists recommend a healthy and balanced diet.

In general, it is not recommended to cut the calories way too much (especially over a long period). This is due to the fact that this may slow down your metabolism and you could face a loss of muscle mass. Usually, a man has daily energy needs of approximately 2 600 kilocalories, whereas for a woman, these requirements amount to about 2,100 kilocalories. So, if you are targeting a daily calorie intake to between 1 500 and 2 000, you should be able to lose weight with this calorie deficit. This without having to play a sport.

In all cases, it is advisable to opt for a diet that minimizes starches, added sugars, and fats of animal origins, and dairy. Like a healthy and balanced diet, it is advocated to include fruits and vegetables, egg whites, fish, lean protein, dairy products low in fat ; and whole grains as a carbohydrate source.

In addition, make the best of the vegetables, legumes and fruits ; because of their high content of dietary fibre and water will help you to be easily satisfied. Also, be sure to stay well hydrated by drinking water and avoiding soft drinks, or fruit juice with sugar added. If you’re likely to snack, get rid of all the bad foods that could be a source of temptation. Promote the snacks healthy (cashew nuts, hazelnuts, apricots, or raisins, fresh fruit, etc) which will give you extra nutrients and that are low in calories.

Exercise : an element not to be underestimated in order to lose weight quickly

Even if see a suitable diet is the best way for you to get rid of your pounds, it does not mean that physical activity is not used for nothing. Since it has been shown that exercise regularly is the key element that will allow you to avoid regaining the pounds you are getting rid of. It is also the most effective way to preserve your muscle mass during your efforts to lose weight quickly.

Soins infirmiers : conseils pour perdre du poids sainement

Because, if you are engaged in activities involving a workout at the weight of the body, with loads or weights, you will develop for sure your muscle mass. This will improve your physical condition and your performance, as well as the ability of your metabolism to burn more calories during the day (even while in rest). In addition, the regular training will provide you with a better health. Given that you will strengthen your immune system, your cardiovascular system, the density of your bones, avoid the risk of diabetes, and enjoy many other benefits.

Plan a workout that includes cardio and a strength training muscle

In order to lose weight, cardio is the type of exercise that will allow you to apply the burning of calories by your body and get energy from your fat reserves, to melt. It may involve running, cycling, rowing, swimming, Zumba, tennis, etc

Subsequently, you must allow a few hours per week that will be dedicated to the strengthening of your muscle strength. It is important to clarify that you do not need to follow a training program that is similar to that of a bodybuilder. You need to simply ensure that your metabolism is not running at idle. In this regard, it is recommended to do different exercises solicit several muscle groups. You can do squats, pumps, abdominals, parallel bars, slots, or even of the cladding.

Soins infirmiers : conseils pour perdre du poids sainement

In the case where this would be a time that you have not been exercising, or that you feel that your diet does not you would not have enough energy, it is best that you hear from your doctor and a sports coach. In this way, you will receive a training adapted to your physical condition and your needs. In addition, avoid too much cause you to not hurt you. Increase the intensity of your sessions gradually and you will see your progress go hand-in-hand with your weight loss.

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