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Power of attorney in the context of a 24-hours-care

Suddenly care case – and now? Many people act negligently. You are of the opinion that you will never get old, seriously ill or in need of care. But be careful, because the rising number of care cases is steadily increasing. In an Interview with aurea, we are talking about the 24-hour care as an Alternative to the home and observe what it does in the case of a so often associated pension benefits.

With the theme of “care for seniors” was confronted, the company’s founder, Mr. Frank M. customer, a few years ago, personally, as his own father care was in need of. Quickly the anxious son realized how difficult it is in Germany is to find a good care. He told me how much older people have suffered from it to their own cherished home, to leave.

Vorsorgevollmacht im Rahmen einer 24-Stunden-Pflege – Interview mit Frank M. Kunde von aurea Pflegevermittlung

Interview to the 24-hour care with Frank customer of the aurea care vermittlungs GmbH

He experienced the problem of care in an unfamiliar environment, in a home, cared for by strangers, frequently changing and overworked nurses, who could hardly spend time for the individuals.

It was only when Frank M. customer the option of a 24 hour-care at home is discovered and his father used, he could see with relief, as his father flourished again, and the joy of life won back.

These personal experiences are incorporated in his company aurea care vermittlungs GmbH has and now benefits many seniors, which can enable aurea is a self-employment in the beloved environment.

The Interview on the part of Dr. Christian Holsing.

Mr customer, you have established the aurea care vermittlungs GmbH. What is it about?

We provide 24-hour-home helps and carers who care in a domestic community with the children Attending live and exclusive to you.

This is particularly interesting for people in need of care for seniors who wish to live in their own house, even if you are no longer able to care for themselves or the household.

Vorsorgevollmacht im Rahmen einer 24-Stunden-Pflege – Interview mit Frank M. Kunde von aurea Pflegevermittlung

aurea care placement

Mr customer, how they came to be a successful entrepreneur the idea to start the aurea care placement?

The reason my father is. Before, I had no experience in the area of seniors and care. But then my father was sick and in need of care. All of a sudden I had to deal with this issue. And I had to know how complicated and time-consuming alone, the associated bureaucracy, the forms, the terms, the rules and the regulations. Even worse is the Worry that the love people are, of course.

At the beginning, we have taken care of us, even my father, but then care was getting heavier. We tried to stop him, at least temporarily, in a home, but we felt very quickly, how much he suffered. Then we learned of the 24-hour care. The we for us the rescue. My father flourished and was able to enjoy his life again.

And now we want to take this opportunity and our many experiences with other people.

How do you imagine a 24-hour care? Is actually cared for around-the-clock?

It means that a 24-hour carer in the same household lives with the supervised Person. You needed a room of their own, and must, of course, can the bathroom free to use. She lives, so to speak, like a family member in the same household.

Of course, no one can work and can around the clock. And that is also desired. Everyone would also like to have some peace. Hours of care are agreed upon individually. For example, we have a nice lady that likes to sleep long. Here is the support period starts from 11.00 am for lunch.

Where do your Care workers?

Our Care workers come mainly from the Baltic States and Poland.

 How are the legal bases for the use of these Care workers?

Since 1. In may 2011, it is the EU citizens in each EU member state to exercise an employment. To do this, certain rules must be adhered to.

The aurea care vermittlungs GmbH gives support forces according to the so-called posting model. This means that the people referred to our contractual partners must be employed in the respective home countries and that there are the required taxes and social security contributions are paid. Therefore, it is required for legal reasons, that a contract is concluded directly with the foreign employer.

How have you found your contract partner?

In the selection of our foreign contractual partners, my professional and personal contacts in these countries help me. We have talked to different suppliers personally and to us about their services are informed. We only work with people who are full of trust, your employees are treated well and all the statutory rules and regulations.

There are a lot of intermediaries from 24-hour nursing staff. Your company is different to other providers?

We value the personal contact to our customers and to the care forces.

Some intermediaries offer assistance forces exclusively via the Internet. You have to ask online, receive by email a selection of staff and a contract by the foreign Contracting partner. The German mediator itself does not occur in person. We consider this approach to be very impersonal, even inhuman. It is, after all, the placement of people.

In addition, we remain throughout the care time personal contact. We can help with a consultation, for questions, for example. the power of attorney, or in the event of personal problems.

Our advice is free of charge. We also charge no transaction fee and no additional annual fee.

You speak to the issue of power of attorney. Can you tell us more about this?

Anyone can come in an emergency situation. In this case, it is important to have a health care power of attorney. Herein, a person of trust is determined, which may in case of need, all for the Affected rules. Thus it can be avoided that a statutory care is provided. It should be authorized, in any case, only such people to which you trust.

As is the usual way to the conclusion of the contract?

The path is very simple. The most Important is a questionnaire in which interested parties, for example, all the wishes and requirements. We then send information to the Treaty and for the price. We offer a selection of persons that can meet the desired requirements. Once you have decided, you can arrive to the selected support person after a few days. This rapid process is especially important for people in need, so to speak, of a care.

And if there are problems?

For all questions or problems, we always stay contact. A phone call is enough.

Our customers have no risk. In the case of illness or in case of very great dissatisfaction with the care we provide for a quick exchange. And we will check in advance all the legal points in the contract and in the settlement. In addition, no long-term commitment to a contract, because the notice period is only 2 weeks.

Can book except the elderly, other persons with a 24-h – care?

Yes, of course. We provide 24-hour on-budget AIDS to living Alone and to families with children. Just in circles where the career is of great importance, parents are busy, usually very or a lot. As a reliable, loving 24-hour care of children means life is a real profit for a happy family.

Would you like to tell our readers something Special?

Yes. When I look back at my father, I can only say that he was by his 24-hour carer happy again. Therefore, I advise all seniors in a similar Situation: Preserve your independence. They live their familiar, beloved life. Treat yourself to a carer, the care exclusively to you personally.

Thank you for the interview.

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