Sören is still alive!

On Friday afternoon, another message from Soren reached me: He felt comfortable in an outpatient care service Wagner from the Lam very good and there was so much to see and to experience that he is happy to have been there. As a “Pull-the-father” thank you I me very much for the nice supply of Sören ?

Here is a small list Sörens (previous) stations:

  1. Care consulting Aachen – Sören as a “care consultant” (read the report)
  2. GmbH – Sören as a medical editor (read report)
  3. Outpatient care service Wagner – Sören as a mobile caregiver (read the report)
  4. The fourth Station is the Enz-pharmacy – report. Sören los traveled until Friday..

In addition, two more people have come to this, but that’s only to the next report ? Who wants to participate: Please send an eMail ([email protected])!

Since today there is the official Banner for the action “Hello, I’m Sören” – if you like, you can point to this action. A big thank you in advance! Here are the advertising media:

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