Second stage of long-term care reform and the 24-hour care and support

The German government has the 2. Level of long-term care reform. Well, half a Million people are expected to benefit from the new services in the framework of the statutory long-term care insurance.

People with dementia have in the future, entitled to higher benefits

In the previous System, people with dementia often fall through the cracks and receive no benefits. You now have the same entitlement to benefits granted, to people with physical disabilities.

At the same time, the three levels of care should be extended to five nursing degrees, to meet the different needs.

Presumably, also, caring relatives may hope for a much improved protection:

Anyone who depends on the job, to take care of old or sick relatives, will in the future receive from the nursing care insurance funds are permanent funds, which are paid as unemployment insurance. This is, as yet, only during the max. 6-month statutory nursing period.

Impact on the domestic 24-hour-care at home

For people who are suffering from dementia, the take currently a 24-hour care, the Changes are probably a big advantage, the promise of higher benefits.

For family caregivers caring for relatives at home may be due to the Einbezah change in the unemployment insurance even more attractive. This measure combats, therefore, probably indirectly, to the nursing shortage.

Overall, a higher level of services for seniors care, in any case, are very positive and flow, hopefully, in the qualification of the nursing staff. More available funds can contribute to the currently widespread undeclared work in the 24-hour care from Eastern Europe will be contained and families are opting for a legal form of employment and, therefore, compliance with the minimum wage.

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