seniors ‘ needs: The best everyday helps

Many everyday tasks can be with age, becoming more and more difficult. Things that used to be, of course, are now without the help feasible. This does not mean, however, that senior citizens must do without or with these limitations in life. From the need some ingenious entrepreneurs have developed products, the old people help in your daily life to better cope. We have carried on this page, the five most useful and best products for the Elderly for you.

Seniorenbedarf: Die besten Alltagshilfen

The Rollator gives its owners the lost, back believed to be mobile and independent again; © Lupo /

The five best daily living AIDS for the elderly need

1. Walker

Walkers return to their owners, and their mobility. The practical walking AIDS make the independent movement safe and pleasant. With lots of useful Extras like Parking brakes, stock holders, or a seat, you can also put some longer distances in the house or on the road alone. Thus, not only the independence, but also their own sense of security and thus quality of life is not increasing. That’s why the Rollator is also a growing popularity: it is estimated that about three million Germans have today, such a Walker, and the trend is rising. He has replaced the conventional AIDS such as walking sticks or Gehgestelle a long time ago and is, not least due to the large effect it has on the lives of many seniors, the number One in our list.

Here for the Walker comparison

2. Stair lift

If you live for a long time in his own house, it is difficult to separate the ages. The only Alternative to the age-appropriate tag is often – and here the stair lift is a key factor. If climbing the stairs is at the age to be spoilt and is, ultimately, an insurmountable obstacle, then a stair lift is the solution. It is a seat or platform lift that up with the help of an electric motor on a rail system in the stairwell and shut down. So you have to overcome the way from one to the next floor, easily and conveniently by the push of a button. In the case of a high need for care, it is even possible to have the tag of the nursing care insurance Fund. As seniors regain the ability to can in their own home safely and without great effort to move.

Here, for stairs comparison lift

3. Senior cell phone

Particularly in old age, can occur at any time of an emergency. No matter whether health-related reasons or just because it was excluded by accident: A mobile phone is lead to, for many reasons, practical and helpful. Since the modern Smartphones overwhelm with an infinite number of functions and Features, the majority of older people, there are mobile phones for the Elderly. These devices are easy to use, have large buttons, a very readable font size and have a so-called emergency keys and speed-dial memory. So you can be contacted in the event of a case by the pressure of a single button, quickly and reliably by a close Relative or an emergency service or alarmed. This security may, at any time and without detours to get help, not only the seniors, but also their relatives a good feeling.

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4. Seniors mattress

With increasing age, the requirements for a mattress change. A significantly increased sun position and so that an appropriate entry and exit height, the use of motorized care-bed and orthopedic aspects: A new seniors mattress must be able to cope with the increased demands. Especially, if, due to a disease, the majority of the day in bed is spent, it functions as a deployable head part is essential. In addition, there are bedsore mattresses, and incontinence pads, which help, if necessary, to meet the health and hygiene requirements of a bed. But even if you do not have to lie in bed all day, is in need of a good pressure relief. So at night you can gather the necessary strength to be able to be fresh and cheerful start to the day.

Here’s to the seniors, comparing mattresses

5. Meals-on-wheels

To cook for many seniors with a huge effort. Not only Preparing the food but also the associated shopping for many a great effort. Therefore, there are already since many years, offers that deliver fresh meals directly to the doorstep. From the vernacular “meals on wheels”, it is often nursing homes or institutions, such as the diakonia or Caritas, to implement such offers. This assistance ensures the supply of the people, takes a lot of work and most cases, this is all still very affordable and tasty.

The daily on-site assistance: The 24-hours-care

Especially in the case of seniors with a high maintenance degree of but little assistance can be through such offerings or products. Here you should think about hiring a 24-hour care. These nurses come from Eastern Europe (eg. Polish nurses) in the apartment of their families and provide nursing and carers work, and to do the daily tasks in the household. On our site you can learn everything there is to know about the tasks (→ tasks 24-hour care), the cost of (→ cost 24-hour care), and what legal basis is there for this type of employment. On request you can also request up to three non-binding offers. We analyze your needs and match you with your appropriate agencies.