Someone dies – what are the tasks?

Here at care blogger, it goes mostly to the last years of a (hopefully fulfilling) life. But what comes after? Someone dies, not much time remains for the survivors often Grieve. As painful as the loss is, there are still some tasks pending with the death of a loved one.

The first tasks

Jemand stirbt – welche Aufgaben stehen an?First, the funeral must be arranged. This is the work of a rule, the funeral Institute. Help you in the choice of the cemetery, the selection of the coffin and floral arrangements. In the case of the obituary, you can also help, however, these can also be placed in regional Newspapers independently. Now you can’t give up, by the way only printed in the Newspapers, even digital obituaries, such as the Südkurier grief Friedrichshafen show. The date for the funeral, messages of death to friends and relatives, and the type of burial can also be with the help of the Institute clarified. In addition, it must be decided whether there is a funeral. The place of Celebration shall be determined, the Eulogy selected, food and beverages, as well as any decoration and background music need to be worried.

After the funeral

Is everything for the funeral, and the funeral prepared, not completed the tasks yet. The Deceased lived alone, you must resolve the place of residence. The official notification of the death, the termination of the lease agreement, the resolution of the current contract, the cancellation of the telephone and Internet connection. Additional contracts such as the cable connection, subscriptions of magazines and the like must also be stopped. Also, the Post can be informed about the death, so that future Mail will be returned with a corresponding note to the sender.

The Bank account and any credit cards must also be terminated. The Deceased worked, the employer must be informed. Also, Offices may have transferred funds, you need to know of the death. The health insurance company and other companies in which the Deceased was a member, also need to know. Other periodic cash receipts and outputs are on the Bank statements available, such as the Association contributions or donations, must be completed.

All cancellations, must be disposed of in the apartment the content. Things to keep surviving, can be sorted out. The Rest can be sold, given away or thrown away. However, you should consult first with a lawyer, as value is divided into full possession under the heirs. Any debts or credits, the family is informed. The lawyer takes care of the right of inheritance and helps with any questions in this regard.

There are Pets, these must also be supplied, either by nationals or by an animal shelter. The Deceased motor vehicles owned, they are either inherited or sold. Here, the lawyer advises. Insurance and memberships for the vehicles need to be informed and terminated. A log-off of the office should also be done. Everything is done, it is finally time to Grieve.