Start the training in health and nursing: What to expect

On 1. November start about 100 trainees in the health – and sick care, including ten in the health and children’s nursing, their training at the Asklepios clinics in Hamburg. For this reason, my contribution to you is addressed, the potential trainees.

How is the school?

29 of you trainees, I will serve as course Director. I am very excited and am in the middle of preparations for the introduction days. In our education center for health professions (BZG) of the 100 training places in the health – and sick care and health and children is divided nursing for the theoretical training in five courses.

Now you are hired as apprentices in one of Hamburg’s Asklepios clinics or Asklepios Klinik Bad Oldesloe. In the case of the distribution of the courses will therefore ensure that trainees of a clinic are also in a course. The number of participants in my class of 29 trainees. 18 apprentices are from the Asklepios clinic Barmbek, and eleven from the Asklepios clinic North.

How do I prepare for the course?

Since I know how many of you will be trainees in my course, and from what clinics you come from, is it for me specifically. My planning goes. The first of the three training days you meet in the respective hospitals, so we have to do as a school. Then the introduction of days with us in BZG. We will see for the first Time in the welcome to the theoretical part of Your training.

Until then, I’m in the preparations. I have to wear information material and forms, and copy. We’ll go through it together, a lot of you must sign. The first Day of training begins with a speech by the head of the school, and smaller events, which we perceive in common. The tour of our library, for example. The rest of the time I can plan.

Is there something in the training?

You will, of course, shown the whole of the education centre and, where possible, explains everything you need to know for the Start in the health – and sick care or health and pediatric nursing. We go through the lesson plans, the school rules and probation rules. Sure, you want to know when you write what are the exams. In addition to these organizational issues, the mutual understanding is the focus.

I would like to get to know you and I want you to come to know each other. I’m in the process of different learning games to choose that are not silly, but the mood is loosening and at least the contact at the beginning of the training to facilitate. The mutual understanding is not complete with these two days for a long time.

And what comes then?

After the introduction days, you will start seamlessly in the first theory block. There we will see us on to the topics of the areas of care and social Sciences. What is hidden now behind it, will be read in one of my future posts. Until then, it only remains for me to say that I am really looking forward to the next three years with “my” class!